New features, level up experience: How Spotify is making 2023 Wrapped better

November 30, 2023 - 2:48 PM
Spotify Wrapped 2023
(Graphic from Spotify Philippines/Released)

It’s that time of the year again for music lovers.

Popular music streaming app Spotify is making its iconic “Spotify Wrapped” better for its users.

For one, the Swedish streaming service has added new features to bring listeners closer to the heart of their listening.

This is the “Me in 2023,” which celebrates a streaming habit that defined one’s listening for the year 2023.

Me in 2023_2023 Spotify Wrapped
(Graphic from Spotify Philippines/Released)

The experience will reveal one of the 12 listening characters that best describes the way the user has listened on Spotify, defining their taste and habits.

These are the following:

  • Vampire: User listens to emotional, atmospheric music more than most
  • Alchemist: User creates own playlists more than other listeners do
  • Time Traveler: User listens to songs on repeat, again and again
  • Cyclops: User focuses on one genre only
  • Luminary: User plays light, upbeat music more than others
  • Mastermind: User likes to study a wide range of different genres
  • Roboticist: User likes to kick back and let algorithms do their magic, track after track
  • Shapeshifter: User has eclectic taste, where they could be head over heels for one artist, and then move on to another in a moment
  • Collector: User listens mostly to their own playlists, has sublime taste
  • Hunter: User is always searching for new favorites, skips tracks more than other listeners
  • Fanatic: User’s top artist makes up more than a third of their listening
  • Hypnotist: User plays albums all the way through, from the opening track to the final note

There is also the “Sound Town” feature, which matches a user to a city based on their listening and shared artist affinity.

Sound Town_2023 Spotify Wrapped
(Graphic from Spotify Philippines/Released)

Listeners can also level up their “Spotify Wrapped” experience with the following:

  • Wrapped Feed: This is a one-stop shop for all things “Wrapped,” including the best of editorial playlists, merchandise from the users’ top artists, concerts near them, and more.
  • Spotify’s DJ X: The AI-powered DJ within the app guides the user through their personalized “Wrapped” by serving up the music they loved this year and sharing commentary about some of their favorite artists, genres, songs and more. This will be available for the first week after “Wrapped” launches.
  • Blend: Users can invite their friends to create a “Blend” and tap the “2023 Wrapped Top Songs” filter to combine all of their top songs from this year into one shared playlist.

The app will also bring the “Wrapped” experience to the Philippines in real life with the opening of the Spotify Sari-Sari Store where users can bring their streaming journeys to life.

Spotify Sari-Sari Store (1)
(Graphic from Spotify Philippines/Released)

In exchange for their “Spotify Wrapped” results, they can take home exclusive merch that represents their feels this year.

Listeners can also get the chance to hear from their favorite podcasters in real life.

The experience is free for all Spotify users. It will open at the SM Mall of Asia’s Main Atrium on December 8-10 this year.

They can check their own “Wrapped” through this link.