Juan Karlos lands on Koreaboo after ‘Ere’ success, to the delight of Pinoy fans

October 12, 2023 - 1:30 PM
A photo of Juan Karlos Labajo for the ABS-CBN Ball 2023 (juankarlos/Instagram)

Right after his Spotify achievement, Juan Karlos Labajo or JK landed in Koreaboo, a publication dedicated to K-pop news and updates.

Koreaboo reported the milestone of JK’s “Ere” surpassing Taylor Swift‘s local record on the streaming platform. Both artists do not normally appear in articles on the website.

On October 9, Chart Data, an X account dedicated to posting music charts in different parts of the world, reported that “Ere” broke Taylor’s record for “Mine (Taylor’s Version)” as the “all-time single day stream record” on Spotify Philippines.

Koreaboo’s article introduced the young singer-songwriter to its readers. Its headline reads: “Meet The Filipino Singer Who Just Beat Taylor Swift’s Local Record On Spotify.”

The publication’s post about it on the X app has since garnered 1,607 reposts and 12,900 shares on the platform.

Several X users, some of whom were Juan Karlos’ listeners, commended the local artist for getting noticed by Koreaboo.

They also expressed confusion on why he and Taylor were written about in a niche media outfit.

“Never thought Juan Karlos would be on koreaboo, of all places,” an X user posted.

“This is so random hahaha. And I didn’t think Koreaboo would be the one reporting this hahahaha,” another X user commented.

“WHAT IS JK LABAJO DOING IN KOREABOO,” an X user also reacted.

Other users teased and called him “JK oppa.”

“Oppa” is a Korean term referring to someone older, whether he is a close friend, a romantic interest, or a brother. In Korea, this term is uttered by younger women.

“Grabe ka na, Jk oppa,” an X user said.

“Yun oh. Juan Karlos oppa,” another X user joked.

Juan Karlos’ “Ere” also became the first Filipino song to make it to Spotify’s Global Chart at 177th with 1.22 million views.

The single continues to rake up streams on Spotify as of writing.

“Ere” is part of Juan Karlos’ latest album, “Sad Songs and Bullsh*t Part 1.” It dropped on all streaming platforms on September 22.

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