You can now seek cosmic guidance for fun from Spotify. Here’s how

March 5, 2024 - 9:15 AM

Did you know that you can now seek cosmic guidance for fun through a music streaming app?

Spotify has a new feature called “Song Psychic” which acts like a “Magic 8 Ball” used for seeking advice by rolling a die inside.

The comically-inspired mystical experience enables users to answer life’s burning questions through music.

They only need to go to on their mobile device, choose a category of nine topics and then pick from pre-population questions presented.

A contemplation screen will then be shown while “Song Psychic” finds the perfect song to answer their question.

When the answer finally appears, the users can listen to the song in the app, ask another question and share the results on their social media accounts.

The following are the nine topics they can choose from the pre-populated questions:

  • School
  • Style
  • Lunch
  • Love
  • Career
  • Myself
  • My Future,
  • Friends and Family
  • Life’s Greatest Mysteries

They can also have the “Song Psychic” read their mind.

Meanwhile, the questions include “Should I go on this date?”, “Should I book a vacation?” or even “What should I have for lunch?”


Rapper and singer-songwriter Baby Tate, who was among the first ones to have a preview of the feature before, expressed her delight at the new initiative.

“I love when my favorite apps launch new interactive programs, especially ones that let me ask silly questions like ‘Should I go to clown school?'” she shared.

“It gave me an amazing answer: my song ‘Yasss Queen.’ It’s so chaotic, but so good. I can’t wait to ask Song Psychic more silly questions and see what songs I’m recommended!” the artist added.

The app said that listeners have created over 250,000 psychic-related playlists on Spotify so far.