JK Labajo shares heartfelt message from cabin crew member written on tissue

January 30, 2024 - 3:20 PM
JK Labajo
JK Labajo in this photo taken by MEETKESO for the Billboard Philippines launch posted on his Instagram on Oct. 17, 2023 (juankarlos/Instagram)

Singer-songwriter JK Labajo was moved after a cabin crew member wrote a heartfelt message for him in relation to his music.

The musician on Monday shared a tissue paper with a handwritten message from a Philippine Airlines cabin crew member named “Ice.”

The message began with a line from one of JK’s songs titled “Shot Puno.”

The artist released the song in 2022.

“Minahal kita nang hindi mo kailangan,” the cabin crew wrote, referencing the song’s lyrics.

“One of the many lines na tumatak sa’kin. Napaka-solid mo, JK!” Ice added.

“Isa kang malupit na artist… hindi lang basta celebrity, pero tunay na alagad ng singing. Kaya sana, ‘wag kang mapagod sa paglika! Para sa bayan, sining at pag-ibig!” he further wrote.

JK shared a picture of the handwritten message on his social media accounts with emojis of a red heart and a smiling-face-with-tears.

The singer’s post has earned 5,600 likes, 430 reposts and 23 replies so far. Here are some of the comments:

“Keep that. It’s a testament to your art and who you are in our hearts,” an online user said with a red heart emoji.

“Wow, kaka-inspire naman,” another user commented with a white heart emoji.

“Always believed in this person since official trailer pa lang ng ‘The Voice Kids’ [noon] ahahaha,” a different Pinoy said with a smiling emoji.

The artist previously said that his song “Shot Puno” is about letting go, acceptance and how human connection helps in coping with heartache.

Meanwhile, “shot puno” is Filipino expression usually used in drinking sessions and is often exclaimed before drinking from a shot glass or a bottle, especially a full one.

JK launched a successful music career after finishing third in the first season of “The Voice Kids” in 2014.

He has released two studio albums as a solo artist and two studio albums with his namesake band, Juan Karlos.

One of his emotional tracks, “Ere,” made Spotify history after becoming the first Filipino song to land in the Top 100 of the global Spotify chart last year.

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Earlier this month, JK went viral for sharing that he apologized to a priest after cursing with a campus audience while singing “Ere.”

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