New eats: Convenience store’s Japanese and Korean snacks

March 28, 2024 - 5:52 PM

Convenience store 7-Eleven teamed up with luncheon meat brand Spam to introduce go-to snacks with Japanese and Korean twists.

This month, the convenience store launched its fresh line with two new snacks namely Spam Egg Onigirazu and Spam Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich.

The onigirazu is a Japanese-originated treat wrapped with a nori sheet stuff with fluffy eggs and mayor dressing. Customers can choose between Spam or bulgogi feeling, retailing for 79.

On the other hand, the egg drop sandwich is a popular food mostly seen in K-dramas. It is filled with cheese, egg and the luncheon meat in a soft and buttery brioche bread, retails for P99.

Like the onigirazu, it also comes with another meat variant, loaded with bacon and corn.

The launch of these two new snacks comes a year after 7-Fresh line introduced its Beef Bulgogi Onigirazu and Korean Egg Drop Sandwich.

The Japanese and Korean snacks are an addition to the convenience store’s buck-saving rice and pandesal pairings for foodies, on-the-go customers and work-week warriors. — Rosette Adel