Pinoys can create DIY refreshers with 7-Eleven’s Ice Cup. Here’s how

May 29, 2024 - 6:16 PM
7-Eleven Ice Cup
Photos of do-it-yourself Ice Cups of 7-Eleven Philippines from its Facebook page (711philippines/Facebook)

Patrons can now create their own customized refreshers in select branches of a popular convenience store chain with its Ice Cup offering.

7-Eleven Philippines shared that customers can “get creative” with their do-it-yourself (DIY) refreshments by creating mixes out of beverages in its stores.

Last Saturday, it suggested a mix for caffeine lovers, which includes a French Vanilla coffee infused with toffee syrup and topped with a swirl of Vanilla Fundae.

“Get creative with your caffeine fix!” the convenience store said on a Facebook post.

Another refreshing mix that 7-Eleven suggested included a Fundae Strawberry syrup, a Dutch Mill yogurt drink and a Vanilla Sundae.

It called it a “Yogurt Float.”

The convenience store said the Ice Cup and Fundae are only available in select branches.

Patrons may click this link to know the branches that have Ice Cups.

“For the Fundae, to properly set your expectations, please be informed that we do our best to stock products that suit our customers’ needs,” 7-Eleven said in response to a query about Fundae’s availability.

“However, our assortment of products varies in each store since demand is different per area,” it added.

“Much as we would like to provide you with the exact location where the item is available, the store inventory and selection of products are limited to the individual stores’ view. The best way to check would be to visit the store nearest you and the others within your vicinity,” 7-Eleven said, sharing a link to its store locator.