Four-cheese Bacon Sandwich and 18 other new must-try items at TGIFriday’s


Something new’s cooking at Friday’s. Just when you’ve taken comfort in the classic American dishes of the international restaurant, The Bistro Group’s Corporate Chef Josh Bouthwood and his team have created more dishes—19 new ones, to be exact—for everyone’s enjoyment.

The Bistro Group’s Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood. Photo courtesy of The Bistro Group.

This latest “Fresh from the Chef” concept was created by Chef Boutwood along with Greg Natividad, TGIFridays Philippines Executive Chef in tandem with Kevin Miller, International Culinary Director for TGIFridays.

The basic idea here is to create items that make use of only the freshest ingredients in its new appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches and flatbreads, and full-flavored wood-smoke plates. Pass the chimichanga and the quesadilla for a change and opt for these innovative dishes especially created by the The Bistro Group’s talented culinary team.

Not that the restaurant is lacking in exciting dishes. In fact, items like Potato Skins, Fried Mozzarella, Jack Daniels Ribs, Smoothies and Flings have become its signature hits through the years. Only this time, Chefs Josh and Greg went back and reviewed the restaurant’s American roots to think of dishes that are familiar but with an added twist in flavors and presentation.

Chef Josh shares, “We need to remember that Fridays is an American concept steeped in history; yet we continue to encourage our creativity. These dishes are proof that we were able to find the right balance between the two.”

For starters, French fries lovers will love its Chipotle Chicken Cutlet,

Chilli Beef Poutine is part of TGIFriday’s new menu items. Photo courtesy of The Bistro Group.

Salads include Garden Lychee Salad, Oriental Sesame and Honey Bleu.

New on the menu of TGIFriday’s are Garden Lychee Salad and Oriental Sesame and Honey Bleu. Photo courtesy of The Bistro Group.

And for those who like having soup with their meals, there’s hearty Tortilla Soup.

The restaurant’s new sandwiches are equally flavorful and filling: 4-Cheese Bacon Sandwich, Smokehouse Brisket, and the Vietnamese-inspired Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich.

At last, TGIFriday’s now has flatbreads, too. Now on the menu are flatbread pizzas like 4-Cheese Garlic Flatbread, which has Monterey, Jack, Colby and Cheddar cheeses plus fried garlic, alfalfa sprouts, and creamy Caesar dressing. Another item is the Pepperoni Crisp or the Madison, which has marinara sauce, mozzarella, and Italian sausage, sprinkled with arugula and balsamic reduction.

TGIFriday’s now offers flatbread pizzas. Photo courtesy of The Bistro Group.

Known for its generous servings, the restaurant is also serving additional entrées that are wood-smoked with apple-infused flavors like Miso-glazed Tuna, Maple Salmon and Chipotle Chicken Cutlet, and Balsamic Glazed Chops.

TGIFriday’s introduces new entrées that are wood-smoked with apple-infused flavors like Balsamic Glazed Chops, Braised Shank, and Chipotle Chicken Cutlet. Photo courtesy of The Bistro Group.

Recommended for meat eaters is the Braised Shank, which consists of fork tender beef steeped in red wine served with rice pilaf with and French beans.

TGiFriday’s Executive Chef Greg Natividad. Photo courtesy of The Bistro Group.

On their new items, Chef Greg says, “At Fridays, we want to be at the forefront of development, so we introduced dishes with innovative approaches to give our guests something to look forward to.”

Chef Josh adds that the new items were created to complement TGIFridays bestsellers. “Our plan is to expand the menu more to include new varieties and takes on our popular items.”

Wait for the next cycle of innovations to be introduced by Chefs Josh and Greg, and their team as regular TGIFriday’s fare like burgers, ribs, and fajitas also get a fresh and exciting twist as well.