Sketchy photographer earns social media ire for implying rape is ‘art’

March 26, 2019 - 4:02 PM
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash
A sketchy photographer got condemned for allegedly using minors for a photoshoot that suggests rape as art. (Unsplash/Sydney Sims)

A supposed artist was heavily criticized on social media for allegedly using minors as models for a raunchy shoot and posing as another person online.

Chad Tinio, who introduced himself as a Taiwanese photographer, released a photo series called “GAHASA: Rape is Art” and one of his models was a 14-year-old girl, based on screenshots of his posts.

Tinio’s Twitter account is now suspended. However, his Instagram and Facebook accounts are still up.

Concerned users accused him of exploiting women and girls in photos passed as “art.” They appealed to others to report him to local authorities rather than just removing his content from social media.

“If you’re seeing this off of a friend’s like or retweet, please don’t stop at outrage. This needs to be reported to the proper authorities,” Twitter user @marcosumayao said.

Another user @cjbrynmgtby noticed that Tinio previously posted the photos on Facebook they eventually got removed.

He also shared screenshots of Tinio’s post telling his followers that one of his models is a 14-year-old girl.

These photos and posts could no longer be found on the dubious photographer’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Aside from questionable material, the photos he used as his display pictures on both platforms apparently belonged to another Facebook user Luke Jickain.

Dear friends and Brothers, please help me report this poser on your social media FB, Twitter & IG. Someone is using my…

Posted by Luke Jickain on Monday, March 25, 2019


“Dear friends and brothers, please help me report this poser on your social media FB, Twitter and IG. Someone is using my photos and the content is very disturbing. Brothers in the craft, I might need some cable tow,” Jickain said.

“Please share my post so people can stop this person from exploiting women,” he added.

Tinio’s last Facebook post dated back in 2017. His Instagram account, however, appeared to have just been set up this March based on the dates of his snapshots.

Supposed photographer
Screenshot from Chad Tinio’s Instagram

As of press time, this person’s identity could not be identified. People may still report his actions to the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group.

Social media standards

Large social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have respective features that allow their users to file complaints and reports against specific accounts, pages or posts.

Facebook has a more comprehensive list on the types of content that could get banned from its website such as posts of sexual exploitation of children and adults, bullying and harassment will be removed.

Meanwhile, posts showing adult nudity and sexual activity are restricted.

Twitter also allows forms of graphic and adult content in tweets. These, however, are not allowed in live video or on profile and header images.

“Media containing adult content is not permitted within live video, profile or header images. All other instances of adult content should be marked as sensitive media,” its guidelines said.

On Instagram, nudity and other similar types of photos and videos are not allowed. However, the management can consider nude images which are “artistic or creative in nature.”