Baguio Mayor Magalong probes Arjo Atayde group over alleged protocol breach

August 18, 2021 - 2:24 PM
Arjo Atayde
Actor Arjo Atayde as seen in a 2020 photo release. (ABS-CBN PR)

A group of actors and production staff who contracted the COVID-19 virus had allegedly breached pandemic protocols of Baguio City, according to Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

Magalong said the group, led by actor Arjo Atayde, was about a hundred individuals who underwent testing on Sunday, August 15.

The actor and 10 members of the group were tested COVID-19-positive.

He said he ordered an investigation into the group’s alleged breach of protocols.

Magalong further stated that despite being infected, Atayde left the city on Monday without informing local officials.

Magalong has since tried to reach out to Atayde and his team.

“For some reason, Mr. Atayde left his group yesterday (Monday) without informing us although I’m trying to reach out to him to instruct him on what to do with his group left in the city,” Magalong said.

The other nine infected members have been isolated, he added. The rest of the 90 members of the group, meanwhile, were quarantined and “well-guarded.”

They will also undergo another COVID-19 testing after five days.

The film crew was permitted to conduct a film shooting last month, the mayor said. This was allowed provided that the crew will stay in the “bubble” or within the city during the duration of their activity.

This was before the National Capital Region was placed under enhanced community quarantine again this August.

Magalong, however, said he received reports that some members had been going in and out of the province without passing through its triage system.

“However, we found out that there were instances where crew members go home and come back to the city without passing through our triage so they are not tested,” Magalong said.

Stricter protocols will be implemented moving forward for other groups who will conduct similar activities.

As of press time, neither Atayde nor any member of the group has issued a response about the matter.