Public warned to be cautious in giving consent when registering their SIMs

December 29, 2022 - 12:47 PM
Illustration shows the consent box in the SIM registration (Photo by Atty. RLeone Gerochi via Josh Cezar/Twitter;TroRolz/Twitter; Art by Interaksyon/James Patrick Cruz)

“‘Wag basta check [nang] check ng mga bagay-bagay sa #SIMRegistration.”

This is a reminder some people shared online as mobile users start to register their SIM cards following the implementation of the mandatory SIM registration law.

The public has been cautioned against giving consent in the process of registration. 

The public is warned that they may unconsciously authorize firms to use their data aside from what is required by law. 

Screenshots from the registration portal of two major telecommunications companies showed that it gives optional choices to registrants to allow the telecommunications firm to send commercial and promotional alerts. 

One also gives an option to its users that will allow the firm to share users’ personal data with its partners.   

It said it will be used for “credit scoring, business analytics, and product development, as well as for them to advertise and extend their products and services” to users. 

An online user claimed that telecommunication companies may profit from users’ data should they tick these optional agreements. 

“The worst part here: while aside from your privacy getting compromised and being more vulnerable to spam and other scams, telcos may profit without you getting any sort of compensation due to your data getting sold,” the Twitter user wrote

What is required? 

In one registration form, users are only required to tick two boxes. 

This can be identified by a red asterisk at the end of the sentence. These include the following: 

  • I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Globe Prepaid SIM Terms and Conditions.*
  • I understand and agree that any personal data I will provide will be processed in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the Privacy Policy of Globe.*

Meanwhile, in another registration form, users are required to tick the box beside the statement that reads:

  • I do hereby attest that I personally accomplished the registration and the information and identification documents provided are true, accurate, and correct in compliance to RA 11934, An Act Requiring the Registration of Subscriber Identity Module*

Yesterday, on the first day of the mandatory SIM registration, digital advocates called on public telecommunications entities and the state to ensure that no data will be compromised and that all SIM will be registered. 

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