UAAP Cheerdance: Universities give sneak peek into performances

October 30, 2018 - 6:05 PM
Adamson Pep Squad 2017
Adamson Pep Squad in 2017 ( Toledo IV)

The respective pep squads of the member schools of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines are giving some teasers and sneak peaks into their performances ahead of the Season 81 UAAP Cheerdance Competition this November 17 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Adamson Pep Squad (2017 Rank: Champions)

The reigning champions who burst into the podium unexpectedly in 2017 have been secretive about this year’s theme. Members of the pep squad however have been endorsing the school’s official fan shirts for this year’s competition, which hints at what the inspiration behind their theme is.

Ateneo Blue Babble Battalionย (2017 Rank: 8th)

The Katipunan-based school has been dwelling in the cellar for the last five years and are expected to finally make their big splash back into contention. While they have likewise been secretive about this year’s set-up. However, some posts that have gained traction are hinting that their theme may be likewise Disney-themed.

DLSU Animo Squad (2017 Rank: 7th)

Once a threat to the usual contenders, the Taft-based school has also fallen on tough times since its third-place finish back in 2013.

Its official shirt for the upcoming the competition has also gone on sale for the school’s fans to grab.

FEU Cheering Squad (2017 Rank: 4th)

A perennial contender, the Tamaraws last tasted championship gold in 2009. Their unique performance in 2017 drew a lot of applause, but a number of errors prevented them from making the top three.

The cheering squad from Morayta, who have been regularly competing in other cheerleading meets posted a teaser poster for the coming UAAP CDC.

National U Pep Squad (2017 Rank: 5th)

The Bulldogs were denied a fifth straight championship in 2017, following Adamson’s and UE’s surprise appearances in the top three. Despite their fall from the podium, the once mighty Bulldogs, who took home four straight cheerdance titles from 2013 to 2016, have been the loudest in hyping up their crowd for the coming competition.


Fans have been producing art for the school’s expected bounce-back performance, with the cheering squad having to disown the posters supposedly made for the pep squad after accusations of plagiarism were hurled for the “Day of the Dead” themed posters.

Members of the cheering squad in an interview with CNN Philippines said that they expect their display to be more “fun and relatable” for the crowd.

UE Pep Squad (2017 Rank: 2nd runner-up)

Rarely part of the conversation around the big guns, the Recto-based squad shocked the crowd after they were named second runner-up in the 2017 competition for their graceful display.

As expected, fans of the school’s troupe have sustained the noise from 2017 in the weeks leading up to the awaited moment.

UP Pep Squad (2017 Rank: 6th)

Finishing sixth in 2017 was unfamiliar territory for the state university’s pep squad, which has never finished outside of the top three since the cheerdance competition was inaugurated in 1994. The eight-time champion sat out the 2016 cheerdance competition following unresolved issues.

While their plans for returning to the spotlight did not go as planned in 2017, fans of the cheerdance powerhouse have sounded off in support of their drive back to the top for a historic ninth title.

In a recent interview, the pep squad’s leaders said that they will be working on their younger members blending in with the squad.

UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe (2017 Rank: 1st runner-up)

UP’s greatest rival from Espaรฑa, the Salinggawi Dance Troupe was expected to take home the championship in 2017 following a unique and powerful performance that was praised for its choice of music.

UST last tasted championship gold in 2006, the fifth in a series of victories that started in 2002.

While it has yet to tease its theme for the coming competition, fans of the lauded squad have started to make some noise in the weeks leading to the fated day.

Some are even digging up its long-running rivalry with the state university.

A championship finish by UP or UST, who each have eight cheerdance titles, will finally break the unsettled deadlock.

The order of the performances will be as follows:

1. UE Pep Squad

2. UP Pep Squad

3. UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

4. DLSU Animo Squad

5. NU Pep Squad

6. Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion

7. FEU Cheering Squad

8. Adamson Pep Squad