Volleyball player Pia Ildefonso decries cheating, gaslighting of unnamed student-athlete

October 26, 2022 - 3:00 PM
Photo shows Ateneo volleyball player Pia Ildefonso (The UAAP/Facebook)

Ateneo volleyball player Sofia “Pia” Ildefonso took to Instagram to condemn the cheating and gaslighting of an unnamed student-athlete. 

Pia shared a Rappler article titled “When abusers win championships for their schools, who loses?” on Tuesday, October 25. 

In the excerpt from the article shared by Pia, she highlighted the 15 different allegations and evidence of sexual and gender-based violence of a then-Blue Eaglet (Ateneo Junior Basketball team) that now plays for the Blue Eagles. The basketball player was also not named in the article. 

Photo shows a screenshot of the Instagram story posted by Pia Ildefonso on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022 (Pia Ildefonso/Instagram)

Pia also reacted to a tweet saying, “okay lang kung ganun mga ginawa niya, magaling naman sa basketball.”

She disagreed and wrote, “while others are still healing from all the pain and trauma you immature boys have caused, you’re out there being shown on tv, getting all the ‘fame’, and all the benefits of being a student-athlete in Ateneo (allowances and full scholarships), tas living life like you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”

“It’s never right to cheat on your partner. It’s never right to manipulate and gaslight your partner. It’s never right to take advantage of women, ESPECIALLY when they’re in a vulnerable state,” the volleyball player continued in a separate post. 

“Lastly, it’s never right to spread and leak any personal content of your friends without their consent,” she said. 

“‘Di tama yung inaabuso mo yung kabaitan ng isang tao, lalong lalo na yung mga taong tinuring kang kaibigan. Wala yang galing niyo sa basketball, kung di kayo marunong rumespeto ng kapwa niyo,” Pia added.

In a separate tweet, Pia appeared to react to criticisms about her post:

“AAAAAAND people still wonder why victims choose not to speak their truth,” she said.

While the athlete did not specify the details of her comments on cheating and loyalty, Pia still called on the public to still support Ateneo Blue Eagles.

“Still support Ateneo tho,” Pia said in an Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, like Pia, her brothers Shaun and Dave Ildefonso are also athletes Shaun previously played for National University’s men’s basketball team and made Rain or Shine debut in June, while Dave is playing for Ateneo de Manila University’s men’s basketball team.