Older brother just backed Erwin Tulfo in clash with DSWD chief Bautista

June 11, 2019 - 5:23 PM
Ben Tulfo
Ben Tulfo on his "unfiltered" broadcast. (Photo from Ben Tulfo Unfiltered Facebook page)

Broadcaster Ben Tulfo dipped his toes in the on-air word war between his younger brother Erwin and Social Welfare Secretary Rolando Bautista, which stemmed from a rejection of an interview.

Ben ranted on Twitter against Bautista and the conditions he set for Erwin’s atonement.

He did not drop names, though. Rather, he mentioned the P300,000 donation money Bautista was asking of Erwin.

“’Butaw’ na P300,000 kinakailangan para mahugasan ang kasalanan. Tsong, daig mo pa si Padre Damaso at mga kolokoy na kauri mo!” read one of Ben’s tweets on June 6.

Erwin previously earned the ire of Bautista’s colleagues in the military after he berated the former army general in the May 28 episode of his radio show for being “too busy” for a phone interview.

Following the round of criticisms for it, the radio host issued an apology for “excessive ranting” but he won’t retract his remark against Bautista for allegedly being inefficient.

“I ask for an apology sa excessive ranting, ‘yung sobrang pagmumura at galit ay medyo nasobrahan nga. five minutes of ranting, I think that was too much… Pero ‘yung pagpupuna sa kanya na wala siyang ginagawa, na kailangan magtrabaho siya, it will stay. Hindi ko babawiin iyun, because wala sa lahi namin na binabawi ng commentaries namin about trabaho mo,” Erwin told CNN Philippines.

Erwin’s older brother questioned Bautista for not accepting “humility.”

“Kapag ang tao nagpakumbaba, umaamin ng pagkakamali ay hindi dahil natitinag at natatakot. Patatawarin mo o hindi? Dami mong cheche bureche,” Ben tweeted.

Bautista recently expressed his willingness to forgive the broadcaster provided that Erwin publishes this apology in leading broadsheets, posted on social media platforms and aired over radio stations.

Moreover, Erwin was asked to make a donation of not less than P300,000 to 19 organizations as a form of damages for smearing his reputation.

These organizations include the Philippine Military Academy, the Philippine National Police Special Action Force and Philippine Army General Hospital.

As of publication, Erwin has yet to publicly agree to Bautista’s conditions.


The Philippine National Police made a sudden decision to recall the police escorts of the Tulfo brothers just days after Erwin threw harsh comments against Bautista.

Police General Oscar Albayalde said that Erwin’s action was a factor but not the main reason for the recall.

“What if you provide security to a person who will bully, not only members of the AFP or PNP or a secretary for that matter, and yet he is being protected by police personnel? What would the people say or feel [if] he is being protected by no less than the PNP?” Albayalde said.

Despite the scale of the skirmish involving two of his allies, President Rodrigo Duterte would not intrude in the conflict between the two.

“As we’ve said, the President does not intrude into any conflict between two individuals or groups. So we’ll leave it to them. It’s a personal thing between Gen. Bautista and Mr. Tulfo,” spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.