Local bakeshop shows Macoy Dubs some love after pausing ‘Aunt Julie’ content

August 25, 2020 - 7:26 PM
A photo of Mark Averilla as Auntie Julie on Facebook (MacoyDubs/Released)

Social media personality Macoy Dubs, also known as Mark Averilla, on Tuesday expressed his gratitude to a local bakeshop supporting his “Aunt Julie” persona which he has temporarily stopped due to “cancel culture.”

Averilla shared a picture of a package delivered by Julie’s Bakeshop which included a message from “Tita Julie” which may also be a reference to his internet persona that has amused online Filipinos, including celebrities, amid quarantine.

“Thank you for loving and supporting Auntie Julie, @juliesbakeshop. She will eat this for merienda,” he wrote on his social media post with heart emojis.

The package, which consisted of merienda favorites from the bakeshop, wished Averilla and his family well amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for loving and supporting Auntie Julie, @juliesbakeshop. ❤️❤️❤️She will eat this for merienda. #JuliesBakeshop #JuliesDelivers

Posted by Macoy Dubs on Monday, August 24, 2020


The 39-year-old bakeshop chain likewise shared the content creator’s post on its own social media account and informed the public that they are open for deliveries of its “freshly baked” bread and other goods.

Some of its products include cinnamon buns, ensaymada, monay, chicken roll, cupcakes and pastries like crinkles.

Those interested to order may call the bakeshop’s hotlines from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mode of payment could be through cash-on-delivery or bank transfers.

Thank you @Macoy Dubs for spreading the love and support for Julie's Bakeshop. Stay safe and stay healthy! ❤️You can…

Posted by Julie's Bakeshop on Monday, August 24, 2020


Averilla also shared a photo of an edited Julie’s Bakeshop graphics with his face placed on a typical aunt’s body. It showed him offering baked goods in a basket accompanied by a text, “Nagmamahal, Julie’s.”

“Merienda tayo, anak. Parang tita mo na may dalang tinapay na may palamang tsismis. Eme,” he wrote in the caption of the photo which was created by Azen Alcantara.

Merienda tayo, anak.<3Parang tita mo na may dalang tinapay na may palamang tsismis. Eme. Photo from Azen AlcantaraJulie's Bakeshop

Posted by Macoy Dubs on Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Averilla previously announced that he would temporarily stop releasing content related to “Aunt Julie,” his new internet persona, after he bared that some people are not fond of it and are “canceling” it.

His announcement included a video of him removing his accessories that have been associated with the progressive persona of “Aunt Julie” such as pearl earrings and necklaces.

“Those who are canceling Julie are the same ppl (people) who canceled Macoy Dubs way back April 2019. How dare you, guys. You’re the reason for my depression and I came back earlier this year but still, ganyan,” he wrote before.

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Averilla started the “Aunt Julie” series this month where he portrays a funny “tita” from Saint Pedro Poveda College and has conversations with her former classmates and her family named “Cassandra” and “Robert.”

Several online personalities, including fellow comedienne Carmela “K” Brosas, eventually edited his hilarious clips and had them produced as TikTok duets.

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Cancel culture is defined by Merriam-Webster as having to do with “the removing of support for public figures in response to their objectionable behavior or opinions.”

“This can include boycotts or refusal to promote their work,” an article from the dictionary’s website reads.