Macoy Dubs takes back announcement of ex-PBB housemate’s guesting on livestream

January 5, 2021 - 12:27 PM
Justin Dizon and Macoy Dubs
A screengrab of Justin Dizon in his audition video for "Pinoy Big Brother: Connect" from Pinoy Big Brother's Facebook page (left) and Mark Arevilla showing his new hair on his Facebook page on Nov. 1, 2020 (right).

Social media personality Macoy Dubs or Mark Averilla will no longer feature former “Pinoy Big Brother: Connect” (PBB) housemate Justin Dizon on his livestream this week after announcing the latter’s guesting on Twitter.

Averilla on Monday shared in a now-deleted post that the 22-year-old former housemate, who gained controversy for his remarks to another housemate’s bathing habits, will appear on his Kumu livestream “Kwentong Macoy” on January 6.

He posted a screenshot of his Facebook Messenger exchange with Dizon where they discussed that the livestream will be a “good conversation” since people will get to “hear both sides” of the story.

Dizon acknowledged the issue that he was previously involved with and said that his appearance could be a chance to talk about the incident which had gained earned the ire of local Twitter users.

“Siguro maganda rin itong platform if ever, especially doon sa naging viral/trending issue ko with Jie-Ann. I heard that played a big role in my eviction eh,” Dizon told Averilla.

Dizon’s controversial remarks 

A clip of Dizon’s certain conversation with Jie-Ann Armero, a 16-year-old PBB housemate from Sarangani, had previously gone viral due to his actions and comments that some Filipinos perceived to be a form of “bullying.”

Dizon in the viral spliced video was seen wiping his hands on Armero’s towel, which was wrapped around her head at that time.

The evicted housemate also referenced Amero’s bathing habits and told her that she is “dirty” after she responded that she’s “used” to such acts, seconds after Dizon wiped his hands on her towel.

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In a separate video, Armero appeared in the show’s “Confession Room” and bared that water in their household is scarce, explaining her bathing habits that have been talked about by her housemates before.

A day after Dizon’s clip with Armero went viral, the former apologized to the female housemate and admitted that he lacked understanding of her background.

“If ever you felt offended with those jokes I want to say sorry for them kasi ‘yun nga I forgot to realize na iba tayo [ng environment na kinalakihan],” he was quoted as saying to her on December 18.

“I want to say sorry for saying those jokes to you because, like, they are insensitive. Hindi ko naisip initially, your background and my background, how different they are. So ‘yun nga, I’ll try my best to be more sensitive to how you feel,” Dizon added.

He also appeared in the “Confession Room” and said that he had a “very quick introspection” towards his actions to Armero.

“It is still a responsibility to accept your mistake and learn something about it, apologize, and you know, magkaroon ka ng character development or something like that,” Dizon told “Kuya.”

Dizon, who was one of the first two contestants to have entered the Big Brother House, was the first housemate of “PBB: Connect” to be evicted on December 28.

Criticisms vs Dizon’s livestream guesting

Some of Averilla’s followers did not approve of Dizon’s upcoming appearance on his livestream, citing the latter’s supposed “problematic” attitude.

“Problematic na siya even before PBB so it wasn’t just about that ‘clip’ na issue kay Jie-Ann eh,” a Twitter user said in reference to Dizon’s message to Averilla.

“True!! Ilang beses na nasali sa Twitter bardahan ‘yan before that issue sa PBB. ‘Di na natuto si miss ghurl,” another online user commented.

Averilla responded to them in the replies thread of his Twitter post and said: “We’ll correct him.”

The content creator’s response earned commendation from some but in the end, Averilla announced that he would no longer feature Dizon at all.

“No Justin Dizon guesting on Wednesday’s Kumu. Back to regular with Chito (Pobreng Traveller) from TikTok. Nakinig ako sa mga kumausap sa akin and I hope this brings light. Nakikinig ako sa sentiments niyo and I value that. Salamat po,” Averilla tweeted on the same night.

Chito Jumawan is a YouTube vlogger who describes himself as someone who “loves to travel on a tight budget.” He is also a licensed teacher.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of PBB has not yet deleted its post announcing Dizon’s supposed guesting on Averilla’s Kumu livestream.