Sarah, Jolina, Moira meal? Fast food meal packaging recreated are inspired by Filipino artists

June 22, 2021 - 8:07 PM
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Do you want the Jolina meal, the Pop Star meal or the Paubaya meal?

Some Filipinos used their wit and creativity to create different designs for fast food meals following the success of the BTS Meal by McDonald’s.

Mark Averilla, popularly known as Macoy Dubs, re-posted on June 21 a graphic of a McDonald’s meal inspired by ’90s icon Jolina Magdangal.

The re-imagined meal dubbed “Jolegendary Meal” comprises the brand’s burgers with pink and green-colored buns, fries, ice cream float and a free butterfly clip. Magdangal’s quirky hairstyle and butterfly clips were also popular back in the day.


The pink and green graphic was first shared by a Facebook page called NIKI.

“OMGGGGGGGGG OMG!!!!!! Mapapa chuva choo choo ka sa sarap! Papapara papa, tameme ako,” Averilla wrote in reference to Magdangal’s hit song “Chuva choo choo.”

“OMGGGG MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE,” Averilla also commented.

The “Jolegendary Meal” fan art has since earned 9,500 shares and 11,000 reactions on Facebook.

Grab Food Philippines, meanwhile, also re-posted a promotional Jollibee meal inspired by Sarah Geronimo, who is also known in the showbiz industry as “Popstar Royalty.”


The concept meal comprises witty names of the “Tala Nuggets” and the “Ikot Ikot Twister Fries.” It also has an interesting offer, which read: “Free delivery kahit abutin pa ng kilometrong layo.”

“It’s the ikot ikot fries for us (emoji with heart eyes),” read the caption.

This post garnered over 9,700 reactions and 5,600 shares.

Filipino rapper Lordivino Ignacio, also known as Bassilyo, likewise joined the fun and shared another re-imagined McDonald’s meal packaging inspired by singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre.

“Unang kagat Paubaya agad,” Ignacio wrote. It was in reference to Dela Torre’s tear-jerking song “Paubaya.”


The artwork comprises a drink, McNuggets, fries and a paper bag decorated with the singer-songwriter’s photos.

It has since garnered more than 34,000 reactions and 8,400 shares.

The re-envisioned promotional materials for fast food meals did not end with popular artists. Some Facebook users also shared concept packaging for other interests.

One Facebook user shared a relatable artwork for students of the University of the Philippines.


Artist Kevin Eric Raymundo also created a comic strip that recalled the Pepsi endorsement of Taiwanese boy band F4 who rose to fame in the early 2000s.


Facebook user Kenneth Ryan Febrero shared a clever meal called “DDS Meal” with references to some national concerns under the current administration.


“Limited Edition DDS Meal is out! Huwag kang bumili kung hindi ka fan. (Meal will be served by a contractual worker),” Febrero wrote in the post.

The global promotion for popular BTS Meal, which mostly comprises McDonald’s regular food items with purple packaging, ended last Monday.

Filipino fans shared impressive photos and videos on how they recycled the packaging containers to preserve them.

The upcycled items include tumblers, phone cases, room décor and even key chains.

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Some fan groups also donated McDonald’s meals to some drivers in their areas as part of their charitable projects and to repay their hard work.