Manila PIO to block ‘malicious’ commenters on Facebook posts

August 20, 2021 - 6:56 PM
Frederick Obedoza Jr, janitor at a shopping mall, receives a dose of the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine as vaccinations start for economic workers, at Robinsons Place, in Manila, Philippines, June 8, 2021. (Reuters/Eloisa Lopez)

The Manila City government called out social media users posting nasty comments under a photo of a woman receiving her COVID-19 shot in the city.

The city government also shared screenshots of some of these comments in its advisory on Facebook on August 18.

“The Manila Public Information Office (PIO) does not tolerate malicious comments on its published posts on social media. Wearing revealing clothes will never be an invitation to perverts to publish malicious comments,” they said.

Last August 18, the page shared an announcement about an update of the city’s local COVID-19 vaccination program with photos of residents receiving their COVID-19 jabs.

One photo showed a woman who was wearing a casual sleeveless shirt and shorts. It drew the most attention with more than 2,000 likes.

In the screenshots released, some social media users left some lewd puns and remarks at her under the photo.

The page administrators eventually saw these. They then issued a warning for those who will continue to write these comments.

“MPIO page administrators will be compelled to block Facebook accounts who would continue posting such comments. Thank you,” they said.

While the move was mostly welcomed, some social media users suggested that the administrators should practice discretion in choosing photos they share on their public page.

“For one, not everybody will be comfortable be shown case on Facebook, regardless of what they wear. You should have removed the photo to protect the lady. There will always be haters and those who have foul mouths everywhere. But now you have made this lady stand out in the spotlight when she never wished to,” one user said.

“Mamili din kasi kayo ng ipopost. Alam niyong open kayo sa madla at masa tapos wala man lang filter ng mayos ipopost niyo. Tapos mag tanong mag comment kami sa FB page wala kayo reply. Wala man lang ni isang reply sa comments tapos disabled pa messaging feature niyo jusko,” another user wrote.

The capital city continues to conduct its COVID-19 vaccination activities for registered Filipinos.

Officials insisted that “walk-in” pedestrians will not be entertained for inoculation.