‘Leave Jennie alone’: Blinks call YG Entertainment’s attention as Xian Gaza mounts billboard for Jennie Kim

November 1, 2021 - 4:33 PM
Xian Gaza and Jennie Kim
Billboard of Xian Gaza to Jennie Kim in South Korea in this photo taken from his Facebook on Oct. 31, 2021 and Jennie in this photo from her Instagram on July 23, 2021. (Photos from Facebook/Christian Albert Gaza and Instagram/jennierubyjane)

Fans of BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim raised alarm over a dinner date offer of a controversial Filipino social media personality who has been involved in various scamming allegations before.

Christian Albert Gaza, more popularly known as Xian Gaza, once again earned online buzz when he shared of propping up billboards asking Jennie out since she is his “ultimate crush.”

According to Gaza, the billboards, which bore his face, are situated a few kilometers from YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s agency.

Its text reads: “Kim Jennie Ruby Jane, you are my ultimate crush. Can I take you out to dinner and make me the happiest man alive?”

Gaza said that he does not know “how to contact her” so he has resorted to making a billboard with the hopes of reaching the Kpop star.

He also claimed that his billboards, which cost him P1.5 million, have the permit of a local government in South Korea and that he didn’t supposedly break any law since it didn’t contain Jennie’s image.

In a separate post, Gaza likewise claimed that he refused to put his company logos on the billboard since he wanted his dinner date proposal to be sincere.

“Sabi ko sa kanya eh mas pipiliin kong lumigaya kaysa kumita ng pera. Genuine happiness over money,” the social media personality said, referring to his “business partner” in South Korea who helped set it up.

His gesture didn’t impress Jennie’s fans who recalled the shady activities he has been allegedly involved with in the past. Blackpink’s fandom is called “Blink,” a portmanteau of “black” and “pink.”

Some Blinks used the phrase “Leave Jennie alone” and the hashtag “#YGProtectToJennie” for emphasis, calling on the Korean group’s agency to “protect” the singer from the social media personality.

Gaza’s billboard stunt made headlines in 2017 when he asked actress Erich Gonzales out for a coffee date.

The Filipina actress turned it down after “exposés” about him surfaced, which reportedly include scamming a fellow actress’ mother.

A year after, the online personality was jailed after two warrants were issued against him in relation to an alleged investment scam.

A look at the allegations against him include a coffee shop, cryptocurrency, money loaning, t-shirts for a cause and a multi-national money laundering activity.

The online personality was also tagged as a “fake news” spreader by the Bureau of Immigration in 2019 when he claimed to evade authorities despite supposedly being convicted.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gaza made headlines anew when he shared a picture of a Mustang surrounded by floral arrangements. It was dedicated to Nadine Lustre who he said he wanted to give a Valentine’s Day gift.

Last June, the Securities and Exchange Commission warned the public about engaging with digital currency Xian Coin or XNC which he operated.

The regulatory agency said that it is “unregistered” and that is not authorized to solicit investments from the public.