Pinoy fans on ‘glitch mode’ after NCT Dream’s Jeno ‘accidentally’ followed Twice’s Mina

August 31, 2022 - 12:02 PM
Composite photo shows NCT Dream's Jeno and Twice's Mina (Jeno/Instagram; Mina/Instagram)

The keen eyes of Filipino NCTzen noticed that NCT Dream member Jeno had “accidentally” followed Twice‘s Mina on Instagram.

It has been less than a month since Jeno joined the social media platform and he has not been following anyone yet. However, on August 29, fans noticed that his “following” list included Mina.

This was only brief as Jeno later unfollowed the Kpop idol. 

Jeno’s following and unfollowing move sparked various reactions and speculations among the fans. 

“Feeling ko dinare siya ni Haechan para i-follow si Mina,” A TikTok user jokingly speculated

“The Min in NoMin is Mina,” a fan said in jest. 

Nomin is a wordplay combining the name of Jeno and another NCT Dream member, Jaemin

“When they told Jeno’ follow Jaemin-ah’ but Jeno only heard ‘Mina,'” a Twitter user jokingly wrote

“Jeno contemplating with his decision in making [Instagram right now] this is the literal glitch mode,” a Twitter user said.

The fan is alluding to NCT Dream’s album Glitch Mode, which was released in March this year.

“Jeno accidentally followed mina on Instagram is just so cute, don’t make them feel anxious because they followed someone on [instagram], and if he’s stalking mina, that’s normal because Twice is popular, everyone loves twice,” a Twitter user said

The online user asked fans not to make a big deal about it. 

Recently Jeno collaborated with SHINee member Key for his song “Villain,” which is part of the senior Kpop idol’s second studio album, Gasoline. 

Meanwhile, Twice released the “Talk That Talk” music video on Friday, August 26.

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