Filipino fast food chain lauded for having menu for blind, visually impaired

November 23, 2022 - 7:37 PM
Photo shows the Jollibee Braille and Large Print Menu (Melissa Pecson/Facebook; Artwork by Interaksyon/James Patrick Cruz)

Social media users praised some of the branches of a popular Filipino fast food chain for promoting inclusivity with its menu for the blind and visually impaired.

Some of the branches of Jollibee’s menu have braille and large text, allowing the blind and visually impaired to choose and order their food independently.

Braile is a form of written language for blind people in which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips.

“With the Jollibee menu, it feels like I’m included and welcomed and I do not need to ask my mom about the food choices. It [menu] helps me decide the food I want to eat and it gives me independence,” Mykee Pecson, a nine-year-old blind person said during her visit to Jollibee Katipunan.

“I wish that everyone—the blind people will notice the Jollibee menu,” Mykee continued.

“This morning, I felt cold and checked the Jollibee menu and there was mushroom soup, and I went down to the counter and ordered it all by myself,” she added. 

“Thank you Jollibee and Rotary [Club of San Juan del Monte] so much,” she said. 

Melissa Pecson, Mykee’s mother, also thanked the fast food chain for having this initiative. 

“A big thanks to Jollibee for being the first in the industry to offer a braille menu and large print menu for the blind and visually impaired person,” Melissa said

“Also, thank you to the Rotary Club of San Juan del Monte for the initiative and for partnering with Jollibee and Resources for the Blind, Inc. Philippines in inclusivity by making information accessible,” she added. 

“With the Jollibee braille menu, Mykee can choose food she prefers and order independently. She felt that she belongs,” Melissa wrote on Facebook. 

Another Jollibee branch offering this braille menu is located in Lanang, Davao del Davao Sur, as seen in the post of Brian Granada


Many people commended Jollibee’s initiative to be more inclusive, especially for the blind and people with impaired vision. 

“Hopefully, our government would dedicate a budget for our countrymen with different abilities. Good job, Jollibee,” a Facebook user said

“Finally inclusivity unta tanang branches (all branches) na nationwide soon,” a social media user said

“Wow, Jollibee is taking that extra mile,” an online user said

“Jollibee is adapting inclusive education to their customers #Sped #KudosJollibee,” a social media user said. 

“Nice to know how supportive Jollibee is to our PWDs,” a Facebook user said

“This is so cool. My heart melts,” a Facebook user said

As of writing, Melissa’s post has earned 1,300 reactions, 28 comments, and 901 shares. Meanwhile, Brian’s post garnered 14,000 reactions, 175 comments, and 11,000 shares.