TikTok content creator’s escalator dance video raises safety concerns

November 28, 2022 - 12:59 PM
Photo shows Simon Joseph Javier dancing in public (Screengrab from Simon Says Vlog/Instagram)

Social media users called the attention of a TikTok content creator over his video where he danced at the exit of an escalator at a mall in Pasig City.

In two separate videos posted on Instagram last week, Simon Joseph Javier, also known as Simon Says Vlog, was seen dancing on the escalator’s landing platform while many people pass by. 

The content creator, with over 9.2 million followers, has also reportedly posted the video on TikTok, but it was taken down. 

After earning online buzz, some Filipinos expressed concern over the safety of mall goers, saying that the content creator’s action may cause an accident. 

Others also said that the content creator caused inconvenience. 

“Not these ‘influencers’ being a potential cause of accident pa on an escalator,” local makeup brand CEO and content creator Nina Cabrera said

“That’s the escalator exit space, for crying out loud. He’s an obstruction. There are other spots in the freaking mall, but this is just plain obstruction,” a social media user wrote

“This is why I get irritated when I see people who do their TikToks in public especially at malls, sagabal na nga, hazard pa,” a Twitter user said

“Have no problem with TikTok or with people having fun dancing, but please don’t do this,” a social media user said

“You’re not being creative with your content actually, nagiging nuisance ka sa mga pagkakataon na to. Go, home dude,” an online user said

“Magaling naman siyang [Simon] sumayaw kaso nga lang bigyan mo naman ng respeto yung mga taong nasa paligid mo katulad ni kuya kaninang may kasamang baby paano kung nadali mo yun at nauna pa sa escalator sila, naipit,” a TikTok user said

Simon’s dancing video earned more than 111,000 views, while the other video also dancing near the escalator has over 5,802 views as of writing. 

He has yet to address criticisms against his escalator dance video content.