Backstory of ‘Drag Race Philippines’ Season 1 queens’ looks at UnkabogaBALL 2022

December 12, 2022 - 1:34 PM
Composite photo of Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers and Vinas De Luxe during the "Unkabogable" party on December 10, 2022 (Twitter/Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Vinas De Luxe)

Three former contenders of “Drag Race Philippines” Season 1 were head-turners during a star-studded ball over the weekend.

The queens attended the “UnkabogaBALL,” a party hosted by Vice Ganda. The annual event celebrates the talents of LGBTQIA+ artists and personalities in the entertainment industry.

For its sophomore year, Vice’s “UnkabogaBALL” party was held in Cebu last Saturday, December 10 with the theme “Philippine Herstory.”

Several queer celebrities made online buzz that night because of the historical and political concepts of their outfits.

Marina Summers

“DRPH” Season 1 runner-up Marina Summers transformed into Imelda Marcos with her hair styled up in a big bun and an elegant white terno gown.

Marina’s version, however, bears a political statement.

The white terno, a style of clothing associated with the Marcos matriarch, was stained and splattered with blood-like handprints and colors down to the fringes of the skirt.

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To complete her look, Marina wore one glove that appeared to be dripping in red, shimmering blood.

Paul Sese, Marina’s stylist, posted on social media photos of the drag queen’s arrival on the red carpet while dressed up as Imelda.

The notable hashtag #NeverForget was also used. This phrase serves as a reminder of the atrocities that happened in the country during Martial Law.

In his post, Paul further detailed that through a speaker attached to a dress, a person crying out could be heard while Marina walked down the red carpet.

“The GAG is the dress has an attached speaker sa loob tapos while she’s walking down the red carpet may nagpplay sa audio ng mga taong umiiyak (crying emoji). Di lang narinig because of the background music,” he said.

In a quote-retweet to this, Marina disclosed that she had a slight panic attack because of how haunting the audio was in her hotel room.

However, Marina said that this “final touch” has to be done to highlight the message they wanted to make.

“I was honestly having a slight panic attack when we first played the audio in my hotel room. It was haunting. But it was the last component that we needed to complete the statement. We wanted to awaken the senses of those who were able to witness it in person,” she said.

Eva Le Queen, one of the finalists of “DRPH” Season 1, also bared that Marina was wearing authentic jewelry to further showcase herself as Imelda.

Marina quipped in response: “Hindi nakaw ‘yung akin.”

She later emerged as the “Unkabogable Star of the Night”.

Marina also brought home a cash prize worth P100,000.

On December 11, Marina uploaded photos of her winning costume on her social media channels.

She described this drag as a part of Philippine history that “they are trying to conceal with glamour and misinformation.”

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Eva Le Queen

Eva Le Queen also gained online buzz for the historical event that she adapted into her look—the tragic ABS-CBN shutdown in May 2020.

In an Instagram post, Eva also said that she drew inspiration from the ingenious all-black haute couture ensemble that Kim Kardashian wore for the MET Gala in 2021.

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In another post, Eva thanked Vice for the opportunity of wearing such an outfit at a party for the LGBTQIA+ community.


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ABS-CBN, the country’s largest broadcasting network, signed off the air on May 5, 2020, after the National Telecommunications Commission issued a cease-and-desist order on all its radio and television channels.

Some of the company’s shows have since been airing on A2Z, the newly rebranded Channel 11 of Zoe Broadcasting Network, TV5 and other streaming and online platforms.

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Eva on Twitter told her followers that she was not able to eat properly.

Her face was covered with black clothing as part of her costume.

“Hindi man ako nakakain, the message was heard loud and clear. Never forget,” Eva tweeted.

Viñas DeLuxe

Viñas DeLuxe, a contender of “DRPH” Season 1, depicted Filipino heroes in drag version—the GomBurZa priests.

GomBurZa comprises the priests Mariano GomesJose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora. They were executed by the Spaniards on Feb. 17, 1872, for suspicions of instigating the Cavite mutiny on January 20 of that year.

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For her look, Viñas wore a black dress with a huge rope around her neck and arms. She also had two mannequin heads that seemed to have grown on her shoulders.

The mannequin heads also have ropes around their necks.

In a video she posted on social media, Viñas quipped that the two heads represent her Divine Divas sisters—Precious Paula Nicole (Drag Race Superstar) and Brigiding.

The Bulacan native later emerged as the winner of “Twitter’s Choice Award.”

Prior to this, Viñas asked her Twitter fans in jest to supposedly vote for her even if there are no voting categories.