‘For the Philippines’: Fashion doll franchise hopeful PH bet will snag Miss Beauty Doll 2022 crown

December 19, 2022 - 1:44 PM
Miss Beauty Doll PH 2022
Miss Beauty Doll Philippines 2020 Tatyana Nerissa Watawat in these photos posted on Aug. 28, 2022 from the Facebook page of Raynang Manika Pilipinas (Facebook/RaMPPhOfficial)

The organization in charge of Philippine contenders of the Miss Beauty Doll 2022 expressed hopes that fashion doll Tatyana Nerissa Watawat will bag the elusive crown of the competition.

Raynang Manika Pilipinas (RaMP) on December 15 congratulated the Pinoy-made doll for securing a slot in the Top 8 roster of the fashion doll pageant.

It also hoped that Tatyana, or “Queen Taytay,” as they call her, will make it through the Top 5 and hopefully bag the winning title.

“Let’s all manifest Taytay will push through all the way to Top 5 and hopefully, the elusive crown. For the Philippines!” RaMP said on Facebook with emojis of the Philippine flag and a crown.

The doll pageant will release its Top 5 roster on December 26, where the “Final Question” and “Final Looks” will be presented.

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Tatyana is described as a 20-year-old Pampanga native with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

“As a Psychology graduate, I’m also interested in human interactions and behaviors — how we are wired to be predisposed to do certain decisions but still [vary] in results as to how individual stimuli that hone a person as he grows up — and that is very interesting for me,” her contestant description reads.

Tatyana also said she lives for BL series or Boys’ Love series, a genre that focuses on homoerotic relationships between male characters.

In her previous message to Filipinos, she said she would do her “best” to make the country proud.

More than ever, this is the time to celebrate the amazing qualities of a Filipina. Maraming salamat at mabuhay!” Tatyana said before.

Like her predecessors, she won the “Best National Costume” in the doll pageant for her “Portraits of A Filipino” attire designed by Cholo Ayuyao.

Last year, country representative Anna Eugenia Tadeo won the same award for her “Alimuom” costume.

2020 bet Elizabeth Montoya Cinco also bagged the recognition for her “Perlas ng Silangan” costume.

The Miss Beauty Doll pageant is an annual fashion doll pageant based in Thailand.

It is run by the Miss Beauty Doll Organization, which also holds the Mister Handsome Doll competition.

In 2016, Philippine bet Shawnah Bautista Vasquez from Angeles City won the pageant.