Alex Gonzaga cake-smearing issue: Friendship with a waiter a valid excuse?

January 18, 2023 - 6:17 PM
A photo of Alex Gonzaga on Instagram on November 4, 2022. She's recently under fire for smearing cake icing on a server's forehead during her birthday party. (Instagram/Alex Gonzaga)

After Alex Gonzaga‘s camp released a statement that the actress was friends with the waiter she smeared cake icing on, several Filipinos online expressed how they still find the behavior unacceptable.

Alex was recently placed under scrutiny after a video of her dabbing cake icing on a server’s forehead made rounds online. This happened during her 35th birthday party.

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Another footage later surfaced that showed the actress celebrating her birthday in another restaurant.

Sitting with her husband Lipa City Councilor Mikee Morada, Alex held a plate with a slice of cake. A group of waiters were behind her singing to her.

A voice could be heard in the background, saying: “O ang dami nila, kahit kanino.”

It was shared by Alex’s uncle Jojo Cruz on Instagram Stories. It has since removed.

Some online users managed to capture and circulate copies of the footage.

What the Gonzaga camp says

Peter Ledesma, an entertainment columnist, wrote to Fashion Pulis, a fashion and entertainment publication, as well as TV5’s MJ Marfori, to express the side of Alex’s camp over the incident.

Ledesma, who introduced himself as a “longtime publicist friend of the Gonzaga family” claimed that the waiter involved is a friend of the family.

“Favor, may I clear the issue regarding Alex Gonzaga’s viral birthday video and the waiter Allan?” Ledesma said.

“This Allan, one of the waiters of Florabel Resto and Catering Service in Valle Verde Pasig, is a friend of Mommy Pinty Gonzaga and Soriano Family. Kaya majority of the event of Gonzaga and Soriano Family ay sila ang kinukuha ni Mommy Pinty na mag-cater ng food and beverages,” he explained.

The columnist further described the nature of Allan’s relationship with Crisanta Gonzaga, also known as Mommy Pinty, and Alex.

“At itong si Allan ay laging kabiruan na Mommy Pinty and Alex at ito ang parating nagse-serve sa kanila. Kaya tuwing nagkikita ay binabati agad ni Allan ang mag-mommy, magiliw ito sa kanila,” he said.

According to Ledesma, Alex would never smear cake icing on a waiter if they were not friends.

“This is the side of Mommy Pinty na higit na nakakaalam ng istorya ng anak,” he said.

Moreover, Ledesma also denied speculations that Alex was drunk that night.

Addressing the behavior

Following the Gonzaga camp’s statement, some Filipinos still made emphasis on how such behavior should not be tolerated and justified.

“I can’t believe people will buy the ‘we are close with the waiter’ whatsoever reason! Kakagigil tong mga magulang na ‘to na kunsintidor sa kabastusan ng mga anak niya! Tsk! Indeed, manners are learned at home,” a Twitter user said.

“Kahit saang anggulo mo tingnan, maling mali yon. Ano walang accountability?” another tweeted.

“Bakit kilangan mag explain sa ginawa ng taong ito. How she treated the waiter showed her character. And it was not funny. Bad behavior is bad behavior,” an online user commented.

Others were also skeptical about the Gonzaga family’s relations with the waiter and his employer.

“Eyes don’t lie! Parang hindi naman close friend ang reaction ni Mr. Waiter,” a Twitter user said.

“Lamest of all lame excuses!” another said.

Comment from Kris Lawrence

Singer-songwriter Kris Lawrence also seemed to defend Alex in the comments section of a news report.

Before it was deleted, a Twitter user took a screenshot of it and shared it on the platform.

“Let’s fast forward and after this event that waiter just went viral, will probably get ‘something’ after, and a lot of sympathy. Most recognition he ever got as a waiter. So, after the noise…I’m sure he will be grateful that this happened,” he said.

“Looks like people just like to extract the negative out of things instead of the positive,” the singer added.

Through his Instagram Stories, Kris further added: “So now it’s bad to put a cake on someone’s face during a birthday? I thought that was a normal thing.”

Screenshot of Kris Lawrence’s Instagram Stories on January 17, 2023