‘We’re back’: Wantusawa resumes ops after closure order from Makati

March 1, 2023 - 5:41 PM
Interior of Wantusawa Oyster Bar in Poblacion, Makati in this photo from its Facebook page on Dec. 19, 2022 (wantusawaoysters/Facebook)

They’re back.

After more than a week of suspending its operations following a closure order from the city government, famous oyster bar Wantusawa announced it is now ready to accept diners.

The eating establishment in Poblacion, Makati said that the management’s “hearts are full of gratitude” to welcome its patrons after being ordered to close by Makati City on February 13.

“Our tables and plates were empty, but our hearts are full of gratitude to welcome you back,” the oyster bar said on its social media pages on March 1.

“Thank you for your unwavering support; we can’t wait to serve you again here at Wantusawa, Poblacion, Makati!” it added.

Last month, Wantusawa halted its operations after the Makati city government slapped it with a temporary closure order for “violating the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.”

Makati City Mayor Abby Binay said the order was issued “to restore order and discipline in Makati and protect the interest of legitimate businesses, Makatizens and the general public.”

The establishment’s management said it was “mandated” to wait for water and oyster testing results before it could resume operations.

It also said it would carry out “maintenance work and repairs to help improve the quality of service” it provides.

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Wantusawa first gained buzz last January when several diners complained of “food poisoning” after consuming some of their menu items.

Customers called them “insensitive” after the oyster bar mentioned it was being bullied on social media following the influx of negative reviews.

It later shared a link to a feedback form where the public can air their complaints for investigation.

Wantusawa offers fresh, baked, grilled and fried oysters, as well as shareable seafood plates. It also serves bowls of rice and noodles.

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