2 Philippine restaurants hailed among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2023

March 29, 2023 - 12:32 PM
This composite shows the signature dessert of Metiz and Toyo Eatery Restaurant. (Metiz/Facebook; Asia's 50 Best Restaurants/Released)

Two Philippine restaurants made it to this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

These are Metiz and Toyo Eatery, which ranked 48th and 42nd spot, respectively, in the roster of Top 50 best restaurants in the region.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants unveiled the 2023 list in an awarding ceremony held in Singapore on Tuesday.

The two Philippine restaurants in the list are both located at the Karrivin Plaza in Makati City.

Metiz, by native chef Stephan Duhesme, is a new entry from the Philippines. It features dishes with diverse influences from cultures across the Philippines.

“Fermentation and spotlighting lesser-known ingredients reign supreme across Metiz’s eight-course tasting menu, boasting dishes such as aged tanigue (mackerel) with fermented rice and mushroom,” Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants described Metiz.

On the other hand, Toyo Eatery, which has previously entered the Asia’s 50 Best list, returned to the roster placing Top 42.

This year, the restaurant was awarded the Flor de Caña Sustainable Restaurant Award. This is given to the restaurant with the highest environmental and social responsibility rating, as determined by audit partner the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants said that chef Jordy Navarra and his team was recognized as they do not only focus on sustainability associated with environment but also because Toyo Eatery prioritizes the sustainability of people, cultural heritage, central to preserving the planet.

“The team’s work with local producers and artisans is complemented by a rigorous approach to sourcing, a focus on Filipino ingredients and a commitment to a low carbon footprint, making them worthy winners of the Flor de Caña Sustainable Restaurant Award 2023,” it said.

This is Toyo Eatery’s 5th year to be recognized by the Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants.

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While it failed to make it to the top 50 in 2022, the restaurant was among the Top 51-100 list along with two other Philippine restaurants, placing 94th spot.

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In 2021, Toyo Eatery landed on the 49th ranking.

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“From victor of the One To Watch Award in 2019 to the winner of the Flor de Caña Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2023, Toyo Eatery has been on a meteoric rise to stardom through its platforming of its country’s produce and people,” Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants described Toyo Eatery.

“Its signature dish, the Bahay Kubo, is an 18-vegetable salad named after a popular Tagalog children’s folk song,” it added.

The Alley at Karrivin congratulated both Metiz and Toyo Eatery for their victory in a Facebook post.

Aside from the Philippine restaurants, Dagupan-born Johanne Siy, head chef of a restaurant in Singapore, was hailed the recipient of Asia’s Best Female Chef Award 2023. This was announced in February.

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Asia’s No. 1

Meanwhile, Bangkok’s Restaurant Le Du, created by chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn, was named No. 1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. This was the first time in ten years that an eater honoring Thai cuisine topped the Asia’s 50 Best roster.

“Offering a unique and flawless take on modern Thai dining, Le Du’s short but sweet tasting menu showcases the very best of the country’s gastronomic output, inspired by the nation’s extraordinary agricultural heritage and age-old culinary techniques,” the restaurant was described.

“Chef Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn’s flagship has been a staple of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings since it first entered the list in 2017,” it added.

The awards ceremony, that gathered chefs, media and VIPs in the Asian gastronomic community, was held at the Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. This was also the first time an in-person ceremony was held since 2019.

The event was sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna.