Robredo shares own version of ‘My Philippines Travel Level’ online map

April 14, 2023 - 3:17 PM
Leni Robredo_travel map
Angat Buhay NGO chair Leni Robredo in this photo from her Facebook page on Feb. 25, 2023; travel map of Robredo as shared on her Facebook account on April 14, 2023 (VPLeniRobredoPH/Facebook; leni.robredo/Facebook)

Former vice president Leni Robredo rode the “Philippines travel level” trend on social media by sharing her own generated map online.

The Angat Buhay NGO chair on Thursday said that she “took the test,” which earned her a high mark of “Philippines Level 315.”

According to her map, she has the following respective levels:

  • Lived there: Level 5
  • Stayed there: Level 4
  • Visited there: Level 3
  • Alighted there: Level 2
  • Passed there: Level 1
  • Never been there: Level 0

Robredo explained that her “stayed there” category pertained to the places where she “spent the night,” while her “visited there” referred to the sites where she “went for a visit but did not stay overnight.”

The former vice president’s post has earned 108,000 likes and love reactions and over 8,000 shares so far.

It has also gained over 600 comments, with some Filipinos expressing their gratitude for her “service.”

Robredo visited various areas of the country when she was still in office for work purposes.

These included meeting tribe leaders, turning over equipment to localities, overseeing relief operations, and participating in other initiatives related to her flagship program as vice president under Angat Buhay, her office’s poverty alleviation program before.

“Amazing! Wow! Thank you for serving the public well,” a Facebook user partly said in the comments section of Robredo’s post.

“The busiest vice president in our history!!! The lack of funds did not stop you from serving your people. Your resourcefulness, innovativeness, positive outlook, and goal-oriented mindset pushed you to do the unimaginable. Thank you so much for continuing to uplift the lives of ordinary Filipinos!!” another Filipino wrote.

“Someone who really knows the entirety of our country!” exclaimed a different online user with a smiling-face-with-hearts emoji.

Meanwhile, other personalities who shared their respective “My Philippines Travel Level” map include ABS-CBN weather meteorologist Ariel Rojas, 2019 Bar topnotcher Kenneth Manuel and content creator Macoy Dubs.

“Nakapag-Philippine Travel Map na ba ang lahat?” Rojas wrote on Friday. He has a score of “Philippines Level 122.”

Manuel, meanwhile, took it as a chance to promote his province.

“Naiirita ako sa mga Philippine map niyo na puro ‘passed by’ Tarlac lang kayo papuntang LU [La Union], Baguio, or Ilocos but you never actually stayed?!?! As a resident of Tarlac, here are the list of tourist destinations that you are missing in Tarlac!!!” he tweeted, listing his suggestions in a thread.

Macoy, on the other hand, said that he learned about the travel map on Reddit.

“A developer named Denz Del Villar made a web app para makita kung ano na ang mga nabisita at napuntahan mo na sa Pilipinas. Eto ang sa akin,” he added, sharing a screenshot of his own travel map.

The “My Philippines Travel Level” was created by Denz Del Villar, a Filipino software engineer based in Singapore.

According to him, it is his “first time dabbling with ReactJS.”

“I used [C]hatGPT heavily to help me with this project,” the software engineer added.

The “My Philippines Travel Level” map describes itself as a “simple web app [that] helps you visualize how well-traveled you are in the Philippines.”

The map is divided into 83 provinces, including the National Capital Region.

The user only needs to click on a province and then choose the “appropriate level of travel” it means for them.

Del Villar grouped the travel levels as the following:

  • Lived there — You spent a significant portion of your life in that area
  • Stayed there — You slept at least a night in that area
  • Visited there — You spent some hours exploring the area
  • Alighted there — You just dropped off for a short stopover, layover, or transfer
  • Passed there — You passed by that area but did not set foot
  • Never been there — You need to travel there soon

He said that it was inspired by JapanEx, its Japanese version, and was built using ReactJS.

ReactJS is an open-source, component-based JavaScript library that is responsible for the view layer of the application.

It was initially developed and maintained by Facebook and later used in its products like WhatsApp and Instagram.