‘Attorney na ako!’: 2022 Bar passers look back on manifestation posts

April 14, 2023 - 4:06 PM
Hands folded in prayer over a book (Image by jcomp on Freepik)

“Attorney na ako!”

Never doubt the power of manifestation.

Some passers of the 2022 Bar examinations happily looked back on their online posts where they manifested positive results in the qualifying licensure examination by the Supreme Court.

The high court on Friday released the list of law graduates who have passed the Bar exams which yielded a passing rate of 43.47%.

It translates to 3,992 passers out of the 10,006 hopefuls who have taken the exams last November.

This is the second Bar exams to be taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For 2022, the top five placers are from the University of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, San Beda University recorded the highest percentage of passers at 97.8%, followed by the Ateneo de Manila University at 97.24%, and the University of the Philippines at 95.02%.

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Following the release of the 2022 Bar exams results, some of the passers took to social media to look back on their past manifestation posts where they claimed the elusive title.

Twitter user @devonmmaru quote tweeted his post on September 2020, which reads: “Me tweeting in the year 2023: Maaaaaaa, Attorney na ‘ko!!!!!”

On Friday, he shared the exact message sent to his mother and accompanied it with a quote tweet: “Maaaaaaa, Attorney na ‘ko!!!!! Thank you, God!”

Another 2022 Bar taker shared a Bible quote she wrote this morning.

“‘Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.’ Mark 11:24 Yes, Lord! Ngayon pa lang, salamat, dahil lawyer na ‘ko! In Jesus’ Name!” Twitter user @attyby2023cutie wrote.

She later looked back on her tweet after learning that her name was on the list of the Bar passers released this afternoon.

“Lord, thank You!!! ABOGADO na ko!!! Totoo na ‘to!! Atty. Dizon-Orajay! 2022 Bar Exam Passer! Thank You, Lord! To God be all the glory!!” the online user added.

Another Twitter user shared of praying for her cousin on Friday morning.

“Praying for my cousin! #GetThatBar2022,” user @jrdm_rose wrote with folded hands emojis.

She later went back to her tweet to update her followers.

“Thank you, Lord! We have a new atty. [attorney] in the fam. #GetThatBar2022,” the Twitter user exclaimed with similar emojis.

Twitter user @alkxlila also shared of praying to the Lord for her sister.

“PRAYINGGGGG THAT MY SISTER WILL PASS AT THE BAR. THIS IS MY B-DAY GIFT TODAY LORD. YOUR WILL BE DONE,” she wrote this early morning, as translated to English.

“FROM MY ATE TO ATTY [ATTORNEY] — MY SISTER IS NOW A LAWYER HUHUHUHU THANK YOU, LORD!!!!!!!” the online user added in a quote tweet hours later.

Another Twitter user shared a photo he claimed to have spotted in one of the shrines in Kyoto, Japan.

“Looks like his wish came true. Congratulations, Atty [Attorney]! P.S. ‘di ko siya kilala,” user @igicentricity wrote.

His post featured a slab of wood that featured the following text:

Praying to pass the Philippine Bar Examinations held last 2022 November. I will be a lawyer by April 2023. Claiming to be ATTY. JOSEPH IVANMEL I. FERNANDEZ 

Twitter user @igicentricity juxtaposed it with a screenshot showing the Bar taker’s name in the list of its 2022 examinees.

Manifestation can take several forms.

For 2019 Bar topnotcher Mae Diane Azores, it was in the form of a vision board where she wrote the text: “TOP THE 2019 PHILIPPINE BAR EXAM!”

It was also filled with inspirational phrases such as “You will only take the Bar once and you will top it!!!”

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In psychology, manifestation means using one’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to physical reality.

According to American psychologist Carol Dweck, who researched growth mindset, believing that you can do something makes it more likely that you will actually do it.

“An example might be that you really believe you can get your dream job of being a therapist. So you work hard to get into a good school, work hard while in school, and create a successful therapy practice that brings you a lot of joy,” a wellness program said of the concept.

Meanwhile, the Bar is the qualifying licensure examination by the Supreme Court which tests aspiring lawyers’ knowledge of fundamental legal principles and basic skills required of an entry-level lawyer in the country.