‘Kung alam ko lang’: Pinoys reference drink amid comments on Kendra Kramer’s look

May 4, 2023 - 7:41 PM
Kendra Kramer
Kendra Kramer in this photo posted on her Instagram account on Jan. 29, 2023 (kramer.kendra/Instagram)

Twitter users referenced a still drinks brand after seeing a video interview of celebrity teen Kendra Kramer, the daughter of model-actress Cheska Garcia and former basketball champion Doug Kramer.

The 13-year-old multifaceted teenager was interviewed by veteran entertainment reporter Mario Dumaual of ABS-CBN on Thursday, May 4.

In the video, Mario asked about her comment on remarks that she could be the “future Catriona Gray.” The latter is a former Miss Universe titleholder.

“Future Catriona? I don’t know, it’s definitely an intriguing idea but I’m just, I don’t know yet. And maybe in the future, if God will put it in my heart, then I will do it,” Kendra answered.

Last January, she posted close-up shots of herself in a white sleeveless top and sleek high ponytail on Instagram.

Many social media users commented that Kendra resembles Catriona, with some even calling her “future Miss Universe.”

Meanwhile, the video interview with the teenager gained traction after it was uploaded on Mario’s Twitter account and reposted by his media network.

Some Twitter users referenced Nesfruta, Nestle’s flagship mainstream still drinks brand, in response to Kendra’s appearance.

“Josko [Diyos ko], kung alam ko lang na eto ang dulot ng Nesfruta edi sana [l]umaklak na ako ng galon galon!” a Filipino joked, referring to Kendra’s polished look in the video.

“*lumaklak ng Nesfruta*,” iMPACT Leadership communications director Roentgen Celestial tweeted.

“Edi hindi sana namin hinahalo [Nesfruta] sa gin kung ganto din lang resulta HAHAHAHAH,” joked another Twitter user.

“Sa susunod na inuman, hindi na natin hahaluan ng gin ‘yung Nesfruta!!!” quipped a different Pinoy.

In 2014, Kendra she appeared in an advertisement promoting the fruit juice with her mom.

The TV commercial was famous for its “Dan..dan..dan…DALANDAN” lines sung by the mother-daughter duo.

Kendra appeared in another version of the drink’s commercial the following year, which featured a more musical version of the famous melody.

The eldest daughter of the Kramer couple has become a viral sensation on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her in stylish outfits and snaps from her official photoshoots.

In a recent interview, Cheska said that she has already imparted her mom’s (Kendra’s grandmother) advice on taking care of one’s skin to the teen influencer.

“When I was a teenager, my mom would always remind me to take good care of my skin. I believe one can never be too young to have a healthy skincare routine. The earlier you start, the better,” the model-actress said before.

“I always emphasize proper hygiene and that includes taking care of their skin. They watch me when I cleanse, moisturize and apply serums on my face. They know it’s very important,” Cheska added.

The model-actress owes her mestiza look to her Spanish heritage.