‘Wag Kang Lilingon’ flashbacks: Quark Henares, Anne Curtis react to viral ‘biggest plot twist’ tweet

June 21, 2023 - 12:22 PM
Anne Curtis_Wag Kang Lilingon
Screengrab from the trailer of the 2006 horror film "'Wag Kang Lilingon" featuring Anne Curtis as Melissa as uploaded on YouTube (Screengrab from ABSstarcinema/YouTube)

The viral Twitter prompt about movies with the “biggest” plot twists caught the attention of actress-host Anne Curtis whose 2006 horror film was among those brought up by Filipino users.

Twitter user @cavalierremedy, who describes herself as a horror lover, asked Twitterverse what they think is the movie with the “biggest plot twist ever.”

“And it still blows your mind just thinking about it ????” she said on June 14.

Her tweet has reached over 345 million views, more than 22,300 quote tweets, 24,100 likes and 2,992 retweets so far.

Among those who responded was Filipino Twitter user @j11je1dm, who shared a screengrab of Anne playing the character of Melissa, a nurse in the twin bill horror film “‘Wag Kang Lilingon.”

The particular shot featured Melissa in a hospital corridor as she looked on.

“If you know, you know,” user @11je1dm wrote with a face exhaling emoji.

His tweet has earned over 32,800 likes and more than 1,100 quote tweets.

Among those who interacted with the tweet was award-winning filmmaker Quark Henares, who directed the first part of the movie starred by Anne.

“Nice to know after 17 years, people are still traumatized, @annecurtissmith,” he said in a quote tweet, tagging the account of his lead actress. Quark also included the emojis of a female health worker, a syringe and a ghost.

“17 years ago?” Anne responded to him in a quote tweet with two flushed face emojis.

Meanwhile, Twitter users agreed with user @j11je1dm’s thoughts about the movie having one of the “biggest” plot twists.

“Top-tier Filipino horror film. Grabe trauma ko diyan, direk. Iba ‘yung plot twist nung ending,” a Twitter user wrote in response to Quark’s reshare.

“17 years?? The twist of the story still [haunts] me to this day whenever I remember it. I had nightmares because of it and the humming?? Still in my ears..” commented another online user.

“I watched this film [’cause I] wanted to see if [it’s] good enough… but [it] was not good enough! It was one of the best horror suspense Philippine [movies I] have watched! [Especially] the twist which [I] never suspected!” exclaimed a different user.

“HANDS DOWN, best plot twist. At talagang nakakatakot [siya],” another Pinoy commented.

“‘Wag Kang Lilingon” was a collaboration between ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema and Viva Films released in November 2006.

The twin bill featured the story of “Uyayi,” which is about Melissa working as a nurse in a hospital plagued with strange and violent events.

Among the particular events in the film is the influx of patients mysteriously dying in the hospital. Melissa tries to uncover the truth behind their deaths with the aid of her boyfriend, James (Marvin Agustin).

“Uyayi” also features Raymond Bagatsing as Dr. Carl, one of the head doctors in the hospital.

Another story in the movie is “Salamin,” which stars Kristine Hermosa as Angel, a young breadwinner who moves to a new place with her family.

Angel discovers an old mirror in the house and unwittingly opens a portal of spirits when she makes a wish in front of it with a candle at the stroke of midnight.

The second part of the movie was directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

The film concludes with a series of flashbacks that give a background to what happened after “Salamin” and the events before “Uyayi.”

“‘Wag Kang Lilingon” was written by National Artist for Film and Broadcast Ricky Lee. It can be streamed on ABS-CBN’s iWantTFC.