‘Happy to represent’: Anne Curtis’ Christmas special song number go viral

December 19, 2023 - 11:15 AM
Photo of "It's Showtime" cast members performing at a concert last week (ABSCBNnetwork/Facebook)

“Happy to represent all those na may sariling tono sa mga kanta.”

Actress and TV host Anne Curtis expressed this while reacting to the now-viral video of her off-key singing in the “ABS-CBN Christmas Special” concert held at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on December 13.

It aired on national television and ABS-CBN’s digital channels in two parts over the weekend.

In an Instagram post, Anne shared a behind-the-scenes reel of her performances with other Kapamilya stars.

She also expressed how “forever grateful” she was for the viewers who continue to support them and their home network.

“Forever grateful to our Kapamilyas, our madlang people,” Anne said.

“Again, was happy to represent all those na may sariling tono sa mga kanta. What made me even more kilig though? Stepping into the Araneta and seeing myself alongside all the major international acts at the big dome! hahahaa! May snippet dito sa vid!” she also said.

Anne also saw a now-viral video clip of herself singing a local Christmas song. The video showed the “It’s Showtime” host singing it confidently off-key, amusing and entertaining the Big Dome audience.

The X user who uploaded it on the platform seemed to be delighted at Anne’s confidence and charisma onstage.

“That hingang malalim, confident walk, and then singing completely out of tune hahahahahhahaha nag-iisa ka,” the user said.

In response, Anne also poked fun at herself, saying that she did not have her “in-ear” piece at that time.

“I didn’t have my in ear kasi. I’m usually much better than this, char. At the end of the day, kailangan may representation sa stage ang mga kaboses ko, ok? Mabuhay ang mga may sariling tono,” she said.

Several Filipinos could not help but express their support for Anne, thanking her for “representing” people who sing differently.

“Thanks, Anne for representing our boses HAHAHAHHA!” an X user said.

“Thank you for representing us! Mga nauunang mglista ng songs sa karaoke na may sariling tono,” another X user reacted.

Anne did get a chance to showcase her singing prowess numerous times in the past.

Last year, she performed alongside Regine Velasquez for the holiday campaign of Lazada. Here, Anne had the opportunity to teach Asia’s Songbird to sing Lazada Philippines’ official jingle.

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In 2016, Anne released her first and last album “Forever Young.”