Iconic stripe blanket worn by Pinoys at Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ in Singapore

March 11, 2024 - 6:16 PM
Striped blankets
Jeck Cunanan and his friends in front of Singapore's National Stadium for Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" (jeckthegoodboy/Facebook)

(Updated; March 15, 9:22 a.m.)  The iconic striped-patterned blanket common in most Filipino households made its way to the Singapore leg of Taylor Swift‘s “The Eras Tour,” thanks to a group of friends.

Facebook user Jeck Cunanan earned buzz for posting pictures of him and his friends posing with different colors of striped blankets in front of Singapore’s National Stadium, the venue of Taylor’s concert.

The photos were uploaded to the private Facebook group “DIY Travel Philippines.”

The blankets had their faces hidden, with only shades and hats to distinguish their eyes and heads.

Cunanan explained that the concept was inspired by the ghost in the “Anti-Hero” music video. The track is the lead single from Taylor’s tenth studio album, “Midnights.”

In its music video, people with bedsheets over their faces show up at Taylor’s house.

Cunanan said that he thought of wearing the iconic striped blankets to imitate the ghosts since the attire is “low cost and catchy.”

“Almost lahat ng Swifties na pumupunta sa concert ay naka-awra. Haha. Gunning for the ghost in the ‘Anti-Hero’ music video. Nung una, naghahanap ako nung tela lang, then naisip ko na, ‘Bakit hindi ‘yung iconic na kumot?’ So humanap ako ng ganoong kumot sa mall,” he shared to Philstar.com.

“And then pinakita ko sa friend ko. Sabi niya, ang cute! Then we decided na ‘yun ang gawin naming costume na apat. The other two had no idea about it. Haha. Alam naman naming game sila. Then, there! Wala kaming hiya-hiya nung sinusuot na namin ‘yung kumot and nagpa-picture,” Cunanan added.

Some social media users also asked if they either filed a sick leave to attend the concert or whether their leaves were approved since they were hiding their faces.

The comments are a reference to a concertgoer in Cincinnati, Ohio who called in sick to work and dressed up like one of the ghosts in the “Anti-Hero” music video to hide her identity while watching Taylor.

Cunanan answered that their leaves were “approved.”

“Actually, we’re gunning for the ghost in the ‘Anti-Hero’ music video. Tapos nilagyan lang namin ng Pinoy twist,” he told Philstar.com

While details about the iconic striped blanket are scarce, some call it the “333 blanket,” the “333 sparrow blanket,” or simply the “sparrow blanket.”

Based on its plastic coverings, the cotton blanket is imported from China.

The blanket is recognizable for its stripes and intricate floral designs scattered in some parts of the fabric.

It usually comes in white and is partnered with other colors like pink, blue or orange, among others.

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