In video, Catriona Gray gives newly crowned Zozibini Tunzi some advice

December 10, 2019 - 2:49 PM

Months before she passed on the crown, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray of the Philippines urged the newly-crowned Miss Universe South Africa 2019 Zozibini Tunzi to fully embrace her victory.

The South African beauty admitted that she “still couldn’t believe” she would be able to represent her country in the prestigious beauty pageant in its 68th edition back then.

In the video, Gray introduced herself by saying that she is with “the newly-crowned Miss Universe South Africa 2019” but Tunzi turned to her as soon as she finished speaking.

“Hi, I still can’t believe it. Coming out of your mouth, I still can’t believe it!” Tunzi exclaimed in awe.

Gray supportively told her to repeat the introductory phrase and own the title.

Miss Universe 2019 coronation
Zozibini Tunzi, of South Africa, is crowned Miss Universe by her predecessor, Catriona Gray of the Philippines, at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. December 8, 2019. (Reuters/Elijah Nouvelage)

“I want you to say it! I want you to say your name and ‘I am,” she said with encouragement.

An empowered Tunzi then turned to the camera and said with a smile, “Hi, I’m Zozibini and I am Miss Universe South Africa 2019!”

Gray squealed in delight and then urged the public to support her fellow beauty queen who would then compete for the most coveted crown in the history of beauty pageants.

A Twitter user admired Tunzi’s candid appearance with Gray and said that it is oozing with “elegance,” “power” and “beauty.”

Our Miss Universe 2018 together with our Miss Universe 2019. Look at that two powerful, strong, independent women just casually hanging out. THE ELEGANCE. THE POWER. THE BEAUTY. Yes, @MissUniverse, good job for choosing the correct winners. #MissUniverse2019,” he said

Tunzi is the first black woman to win the crown since Leila Lopes of Angola in 2011.

The South African beauty wowed the crowd with her winning answer in the question and answer portion of the contest where she empowered girls “to take up space in the society.”

Tunzi hails from Tsolo, South Africa and holds a degree in public relations and image management.

The 26-year-old beauty is described as a “passionate activist engaged in the fight against gender-based violence,” based on her Miss Universe profile. — Video by Kat Leandicho via Philstar