Kris Aquino attributes newly discovered illness to financial woes

October 13, 2018 - 6:11 PM
Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino is hailed as the "Queen of all Media" for numerous hit projects in television, film and now social media. ( photo)

Kris Aquino in a series of Instagram posts revealed how a serious financial loss in business affected her health.

It was previously reported that she lost a lot of weight around the last weeks of September. She also lost her ability to sleep and eat properly.

Aquino later on revealed that she was facing a financial problem after being betrayed by a business partner.

What went before

Based on one of her Instagram posts, she was supposed to do a television commercial shoot with Chowking on September 23. Aquino is the brand’s celebrity endorser.

However, the shoot got rescheduled to October because she was “physically unwell.” She cited that blood tests were already done to her on September 21, two days before the shoot.

By September 22, she opened up about her ordeal over her business ventures and blamed it for affecting her health.

By September 25, Aquino shared that she underwent another series of blood tests. The results prompted her to seek medical treatment in Singapore. She flew out of the country by September 30.

On October 2, she submitted herself to further medical tests and shared that she “had 16 vials of blood drawn” out of her.

“Full results of my blood panel will take one week,” Aquino wrote in one of her Instagram posts.

She also revealed that she has started taking prescribed medicines for her allergies as recommended by her Singaporean allergist-rheumatologist-immunologist.

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@rbchanco (not pictured @jonathanvelasco__ ) Thank you for the genuine love for flying to be w/ me (i’m sorry to your clients for the cancellations.) Thank you to a new physician friend from the Philippines for the kind referral to an excellent specialist here. Thank you to the Filipino health care professionals in Singapore for being both respectful & attentive… I promised transparency- i had 16 vials of blood drawn yesterday. 12 were drawn last week. Full results of my blood panel will take 1 week but my initial prognosis from the Singaporean allergist-rheumatologist-immunologist is encouraging. i have started the new medication he prescribed. i am taking to heart his advice to release at an achievable pace what caused me emotional & intellectual stress, because in his words 80% of illness is worsened by what burdens us. My doctor said to focus on life’s POSITIVES. I have the best sons a mother can ask God for. I have the enduring love of family & friends. And i have the 100% support of my endorsements & followers. I have our country’s best legal counsels to represent us. I look forward to slowly going back to work, honoring all my commitments with a 100% trustworthy team starting next week. The comments section won’t be deactivated. I humbly request that you post NO NAMES NOR ACCUSATIONS; i stand with FAIRLY upholding the rule of law, thus there is no need to make this a trial by publicity or one based on popular opinion- the TRUTH is already more than enough. #laban 💛❤️💙🇵🇭

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By October 4, Aquino and her two sons flew back to the Philippines.

The illness

“The Queen of All Media” opened up about her illness on October 11. She said she was initially diagnosed with autoimmune disease.

Further diagnosis, however, showed that she has chronic spontaneous urticaria or CSU, an autoimmune skin disease.

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You prayed for us regardless of not knowing me personally. i waited for my Singaporean doctor to send my final diagnosis. Now i’m ready to open my heart… I’m sharing our story for you to understand THE PAIN MY FAMILY ENDURED…Ang hirap madiskubreng may malaking perang pinaghirapan kitain na ginastos ng walang pahintulot para sa luho ng taong pinagkatiwalaan mo- kahit na milyones na ang kinita nya galing sa yo. Bumagsak po ang katawan ko, in 1 month i lost 15 pounds. i was SCARED, our Mom had unexplained weight loss before her cancer diagnosis. That’s why i had my series of blood tests. This is our TRUTH. My initial diagnosis indicated an autoimmune disease. Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Wendy Williams all raised my awareness. To be specific, we were afraid it was lupus. Kuya was anxious & confused. Bimb knew Selena’s journey. It was heartbreaking to see my 11 year old crying inconsolable tears and pleading, “please don’t leave me mama.” Bimb even offered me his kidney. Ang pera magsipag ako, kikitain ulit. PERO HINDI PO MABIBILI ANG EXTENSION SA BUHAY. Kaya nagmadali kaming lumipad ng Singapore for me to get the most thorough medical evaluation. To be specific i now know i have Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria, and yes, mine is an autoimmune disease. I am now, and for the rest of my existence will be, on high dosage antihistamines and having the EpiPen will always be crucial. Severe allergies are life threatening because of anaphylactic shock. I disclosed that i started maintenance medication to control my hypertension in 2015; i also have ongoing treatment for severe migraines. You know my life’s journey. Thank you for being with me through the tears and victories. I AM PROOF, LOVE MAKES US STRONG. Because we know WHY WE ARE FIGHTING…for me it’s for my health because 2 people i love more than life itself still need me for at least 10 more years. My prayer is simple, to raise my youngest son to become a responsible adult who’ll care for his kuya, then God already blessed me more than i deserve. #laban (October 11, 1954, 64 years ago my mom & dad got married. Heaven timed i’d get my medical answers now for me to remember BEING BRAVE is part of my DNA.)🌈

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“To be specific, I now know I have Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria, and yes, mine is an autoimmune disease,” Aquino shared.

“I am now, and for the rest of my existence will be, on high dosage antihistamines and having the EpiPen will always be crucial. Severe allergies are life-threatening because of anaphylactic shock,” she added.

EpiPen is an injection used to treat extremely serious allergic reactions while antihistamines are medications used to treat symptoms of allergy.

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This is my story. My urticaria flares started in 2013, but i thought they were allergic reactions & called them hives. They’ve steadily worsened to about 2 bad episodes a month lasting at least 4 to 7 days. I have no food allergies except crab & lobster (based on my 🇸🇬 full allergy test)… What happens when you suffer from an autoimmune disease? I researched in so i could easily explain it since i have so many doctors who are now friends that i unknowingly use medical terms. The immune system mistakes part of your body — like your joints or skin — as foreign. It releases proteins called autoantibodies that attack healthy cells. Women get autoimmune diseases at a rate of about 2 to 1 compared to men — 6.4 percent of women vs. 2.7 percent of men. Often the disease starts during a woman’s childbearing years (ages 14 to 44). My Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria afflicts less than 1% of the world’s population. Most suffer through it for 1-5 years. Some suffer through it for decades- i fall under that category… i found my doctor here, Dr. Geraldine Zamora through @trishaduncan who had done an @everbilenaofficial @krislifekit webisode w/ me. She introduced me to the head of their Asean Doctors group. He is an allergy, rhueumatoid, and immunology specialist. He’s the 1 we flew to Singapore to consult… Dr. Geraldine has been so patient answering all my concerns & helping explain my diagnosis… i believe everything happens as part of God’s plan for our lives. i have the platforms to raise awareness about this medical challenge… Stress we cannot avoid, but it is a big factor. A healthier food plan with vegetables (except alfalfa sprouts), fruits, fiber rich food, oatmeal, lean cuts of beef (for iron & vitamin D which are depleted), beans (thank God i like garbanzos), and fatty fish are all helpful. And very importantly, she advised to be in bed by 9:30 PM & sleeping soundly at 11 PM. Sorry i’m going over my prescribed bedtime, but i edited this video myself. Thank you to all who messaged me w/ love & prayers… Good night. Yes, i’m starting to SMILE from my heart again.🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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An autoimmune disease is when the person’s immune system mistakenly attacks the healthy cells within the body. It is further broken down into 80 types, including what Aquino has.

Urticaria refers to the swelling of the skin associated with itching. World Allergy Organization notes it usually lasts for 24 hours.

When the swelling lasts for more than six weeks, however, the individual is diagnosed with “chronic spontaneous urticaria and angioedema.”

Angioedema is characterized by “pronounced swelling involving deeper dermis,” according to Dermatology Advisor. The individual experiences a “burning or painful sensation” in the skin.

Apart from that, he or she may also suffer from sleep deprivation, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, social isolation and being emotionally upset, Novartis notes.

Aquino shared a video to explain her illness and recounted that ever since her childhood, she has been “severely allergic to several types of medication” already.

“Environmental allergens started triggering what I thought was just allergic rhinitis, sore throat, and skin asthma in my late 20’s,” she said.

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(the infohraphics came from the website of I’m directly quoting my 🇸🇬 physician. “The results are consistent with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria; likely autoimmune in view of the positive thyroid autoantibodies.” Since childhood, i’ve known i was severely allergic to several types of medication. Environmental allergens started triggering what i thought was just allergic rhinitis, sore throat, and skin asthma in my late 20s. i was told during my 2015 medical evaluation to have my thyroid autoantibodies closely monitored. Every year since then my the count continued to rise, and this September they reached a critical level. i’m 100% aware that millions of Filipinos work here & all over the world in the medical field; there’s research online to explain the significance of my disclosure. i do not have the same right to privacy as others because my work is dependent on the public’s patronage & goodwill, that’s why i chose to be upfront rather than subject myself & my family to misinformed speculation. Unless there’s something i can share to raise awareness on how to deal with & treat autoimmune disorders for the many others who suffer from them, this is the last i’d like to post about my condition. This ailment shouldn’t confine or define me, but’s a valid, medically confirmed diagnosis about my physical limitations. There’s a quote i find inspiring “i will show you that surviving can be beautiful.” #laban 🌈

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Apart from CSU, Aquino revealed that she has been taking maintenance for her hypertension since 2015. It is a long-term condition wherein the blood pressure in the arteries is constantly elevated.

She also takes injections to treat her severe migraine attacks. Last year, she disclosed that she needed 34 shots of botox for treatment.

Botox has been recognized as a form of treatment for chronic migraines by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2010.

Road to recovery

On October 10, Aquino shared pictures of her rescheduled television commercial shoot with Chowking, indicating that she is now ready to get back to work.

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Thank you @chowkingph for WAITING FOR ME. 🌈 You may like me or not, but you know i speak straight from my heart… Well there are a few chapters of my life i chose not to read aloud. There was someone special who gave up on waiting for me (no, not the good friend posted Sunday night). i can admit natakot ako, this TVC shoot was scheduled for Sept 23, because of me they could easily have changed the storyboard… i had blood tests done September 21 because i knew i was physically unwell. We had more blood tests September 25. The results prompted us to fly to Singapore on Sept 30. All my tests were done there October 2… it was prayer & will power that inspired me to make this my return project. People you’ll see in this video have been working w/ me on various TVCs for years- my director, DOP, and sound engineer have all taken care of me even before Bimb was born… Sa endorsements- nagkakabalikan dahil na miss ang isa’t isa at kahit sinubukang mag move on, nanghinayang sa pinagsamahan (2 big ones actually, contracts ready for signing this month). Sorry po may slight hugot but i am GRATEFUL for all that’s here & now, and most especially for the people who are worth my love & loyalty. ❤️

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“I am grateful for all that’s here & now, and most especially for the people who are worth my love & loyalty,” she wrote. However, her various medications for her ailments will continue in the long-term.