Will the real ‘Tita Gretchen’ please stand up? Wrong ‘Gretchens’ dragged in Julia-Gerald-Bea drama

August 7, 2019 - 4:05 PM
Gretchen Fullido Interaksyon
Gretchen Fullido and Gretchen Ho suddenly got involved in the drama among Julia Barretto, Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson. (Instagram/Gretchen Fullido)

TV hosts Gretchen Fullido and Gretchen Ho were mistaken as the one being referred to as the “Tita Gretchen” in social media posts  on the controversy involving Julia Barretto, Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson.

The hashtag #”TitaGretchen” is actually referring to Gretchen Barretto, who claimed her niece hired a ghost writer to pen her recent statement on the issue.

Fullido shared on Twitter a photo of someone who sent her a private message about Julia with a witty caption: “Wait lang, bakit ako nasali dito?”

In the comments, she said this was just among the people messaging her.

For her part, Ho tweeted having changed her name and then attached a screenshot of the people who thought she was Julia’s aunt.

The recent episode of the relationship-related allegations was when Julia posted on Instagram on August 6 her side of the story supposedly to clear her name.

She also accused Alonzo of perpetrating the rumor through liking some photos of her and Anderson on Instagram.

The elder Gretchen soon noticed this post and responded with comments expressing her support for Alonzo rather than to Julia.

She also alleged that this was written by a ghost writer.

“The fact that they hired a ghost writer for this post is hilarious and makes her sound desperate to salvage whatever is left,” she said.

Some people made screenshots of these and shared them on Twitter.

Claudine, Gretchen’s sister, also took Alonzo’s side while Julia’s sister Dani took hers.

The backstory

It all started when Alonzo liked posts on Instagram alleging that Anderson cheated on her with Julia. These were photos of them being spotted together outside a bar in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

She later posted the cryptic message: “You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice. Enough!”

She also shared a quote on her Instagram stories. She, however, neither dropped names nor provided details.

These online activities further triggered the cheating speculations going on between Julia and Anderson.

Meanwhile, Julia’s ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia previously liked one of Alonzo’s shady posts.

Recently, he reportedly sent her text messages of support, which read: “Malalampasan mo ‘yan. I know you, you’re the strongest girl na nakilala ko. Takot nga ako sa ‘yo eh.”

Anderson, for his part, initially dismissed these as mere rumors.

Days later, he shared that he and Alonzo had a falling out in their relationship and clarified that no other person was the reason for it.

For Alonzo, no breakup happened that time.

“To my understanding, we did not break up. He just started not talking to me,” she said during a chanced interview.

Prior to her recent statement, Barretto had been sharing quotes from the Bible referencing to “revenge.”