From ‘Ondoy’ to ‘Ulysses’: Jericho Rosales lauded for ‘heroic’ acts for Marikina residents anew

November 12, 2020 - 3:50 PM
This May 2019 photo shows actor Jericho Rosales surfing. (Jericho Rosales/Facebook)

Matinee idol Jericho Rosales once again became the talk of the town after extending help to fellow Marikina residents on Thursday morning.

Reports said that Rosales and his wife model Kim Jones personally helped stranded residents in their village as Typhoon Ulysses (International name: Vamco) caused heavy flooding in several areas. They used their surfboards and helped rescuers in the village.

In a video interview of ABS-CBN, Rosales shared that lack of floatation devices is usually the problem during widespread flooding.

“This morning paglabas namin baha na. Usually ‘pag baha dito kasi laging ganyan talaga, and laging ganu’n problema so sometimes walang boat or floatation devices. So naglabas kami ni Kim ng surfboards,” Rosales said.

Rosales also said that the situation during the current typhoon is worse because it caught residents by surprise.

“Kasi parang paggising ng mga tao, napuyat sila kagabi, paggising nila ganyan na. Maraming taong hindi nakaalis. Based on nangyari na before tapos caught by surprise na naman tayo na ganito, I think in that sense medyo mas malala ito,” he was quoted as saying in the similar report.

Still a ‘hero’

In September 2009, during the onslaught of Tropical Storm Ondoy, Rosales, also a surfer, made headlines after he was spotted rescuing Marikina flood victims, including a dog, using his surfboard.

The wrath of “Ulysses” is likened to 2009’s “Ondoy” because both caused chest-deep flooding.

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Marikina Public Information Office earlier reported that the Marikina River’s water level surpassed its 21.5-meter record during Ondoy. The water level reached 22 meters at 11 a.m. following continuous strong rains.

Meanwhile, the gesture of Rosales was praised by online users who remembered his heroic act 11 years ago. They also commended his wife Jones and thank the couple for their initiative.

Some online users even posted a throwback photo of Rosales’s 2009 gesture to salute the actor, with some of them personally tagging Rosales in their posts.

Actress Ria Atayde said she is proud of Rosales who she considers her brother.

Rosales said the residents in the village they have visited are now safe.

“Okay naman sila safe naman sila. Thank, God… May mga iba lang na ‘di makapunta ‘yung mga rescue team doon kasi malakas na ‘yung alon,” the actor said.