As weekend approaches, Kris Aquino asks followers what de-stress them with ‘pagod meme’ template

February 19, 2021 - 5:53 PM
Kris Aquino meme template
Kris Aquino in this photo posted on her Instagram on May 16, 2020 (left) and a picture of her used as a meme template from her Facebook page (right).

Kris Aquino once again poked fun at herself by posting an old photo of her that has been used as a meme template and encouraged her followers to share what de-stress them as the weekend approaches.

The photo features Aquino staring into space and leaning into a post as jeepneys pass by her in a blur on a thoroughfare.

A closer look at the photo shows a sign that appeared to read as “Commonwealth Ave.”

“I saw this… again mag-enjoy tayo… para HAPPY ang Friday. Dedma muna sa pagod, lahat naman tayo napagod at napapagod. So my question is, SINO o ANO ang nakakatanggal ng pagod niyo?” Aquino wrote on her Facebook page.

“Ano ang wini-wish at pinagpe-pray niyo para mawala ang pagod niyo? BECAUSE??? Yes, sasagot ako BECAUSE love ko kayo. Happy Friday,” she added, referencing another meme template involving her reaction to Kim Chiu in a 2014 interview.

Earlier this month, a screengrab of her reaction to Chiu’s appearance on her now-defunct morning show spawned lots of reactions and memes on social media.

At that time, Chiu was expressing her gratitude to her fans after an incident but she couldn’t finish her sentence due to overwhelming emotions.

Aquino urged her to go on with her answer by repeating some of the latter’s words, which included the now-iconic lines: “So na-touch ka because?”

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Now, the “Queen of All Media” shared another picture of her that was turned into a meme template and quipped that she’s “tired” of saying “because,” a reference to her viral 2014 interview line.


Aquino did not identify where the screengrab of her “pagod na’ko” picture came from but her expression has been turned into a meme template across the local online community.

Filipinos acknowledged her post and shared what de-stress them especially after a week of working.

“Nakakatanggal ng pagod ‘yong makita mong masaya ang pamilya mo. Walang sakit, nakakakain sa araw-araw. Sobrang nakaka-kalma sa kalooban,” a Facebook user shared in the comments section.

“Nakakatanggal ng pagod ko ang aso ko at mga halaman. Pinag pi-pray ko everyday na pupunuin ni Lord ng pagmamahal ang puso ko para hindi ako mapagod na magbigay ng pagmamahal at pag unawa sa iba,” another online user shared.

“Ang nakakatanggal ng pagod ko ay ‘yong mga anak ko. Makita ko lang (silang) masaya, masaya na rin ako,” a different Filipino said.

“Pagkain po nakakatanggal ng pagod ko po. Haha,” shared another Facebook user.

Aquino’s post has so far earned a whopping number of 119,000 likes and reactions, 10,000 comments and 3,900 shares on the social networking platform.

Aside from these meme templates, Aquino’s quotations and other reactions have been transformed into memes by social media users. These were reported by some websites such as BuzzFeed and Kami in 2017 and 2018, respectively.