‘Because?’: Kris Aquino’s reaction in 2014 interview with Kim Chiu becomes meme template

February 5, 2021 - 6:53 PM
Kris Aquino meme template
Kris Aquino talks to Kim Chiu in an episode of "Kris TV" in this screengrab of a video uploaded by ABS-CBN News on YouTube on Jan. 15, 2014. (Screengrab from ABS-CBN News via YouTube)

“Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino recently gained traction online after her interview with Kim Chiu in an episode of her now-defunct morning talk show resurfaced as a viral meme template on social media

In a clip from “Kris TV,” Aquino was prompting the actress to continue her sentence as the latter attempted to stop tears from flowing on her eyes in the middle of expressing her gratitude to her fans.

Part of the interview was uploaded by ABS-CBN News YouTube on Jan. 15, 2014, where it has reached more than one million views and 6,800 likes on the video-sharing platform so far.

In the video, Chiu “thanked her fans for their support after the actress was heavily criticized for her pointed comments to a reporter during the press conference for her film ‘Bride For Rent.'”

At that time, Chiu and her leading man in the romantic comedy film, Xian Lim, was asked about their off-screen relationship.

“We don’t owe you any of our personal lives,” she had responded.

Chiu later on admitted on Twitter that she had a hard time sleeping after that incident. She also retweeted her fans’ tweets defending her.

“Kaya lang ako naiiyak siguro kasi nga na touched ako, kasi siyempre tao lang. Noong umuwi ako sa house, nabasa ko ‘yung mga (comments ng) fans na ‘okay lang yan, nandito lang kami.’ ‘Yung umiiyak ka sa room tapos mababasa mo ‘yung tweets nila sa iyo at comments sa Instagram, nakakagaan ng feeling,” she told Aquino.

In the clip, Chiu was explaining to Aquino why she was crying at that moment.

However, since she was too emotional, Chiu could not finish her sentence and instead intermittently cried during the interview.

Aquino then urged Chiu to go on with her answer by repeating some of the latter’s words.

The celebrated host’s particular expression, which had now become a meme template, could be viewed on the 1:32 mark of the clip.

While the interview clip has been uploaded years ago, Aquino’s reaction was revived by the local community recently with the context of her question to Chiu:

“So na-touch ka because?”

This line was not Aquino’s exact words at that moment when she made the now-viral expression. However, it was also part of the interview.

Fast forward to 2021, memes with Aquino’s particular “because” reaction circulated online, prompting her to land on the top trending list of Twitter Philippines on Thursday and early Friday.

The meme template was also used when Aquino recently revealed that she will temporarily move to the province, particularly a beachfront house, partly due to health reasons amid the pandemic.

Aquino has autoimmune conditions which make her more at risk of catching diseases and illnesses.

She was previously diagnosed with chronic spontaneous urticaria, another autoimmune disease, in late 2018.

In January 2019, Aquino revealed of battling a “form of lupus” which makes her “allergic to every single medicine that can cure or manage your symptoms.”