‘Grabe po’: Andrea Brillantes stuns fellow celebs with pre-debut photos inspired by ‘Birth of Venus’

February 22, 2021 - 7:10 PM
Andrea Brillantes pre-debut photoshoot
Andrea Brillantes portrays Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, in this photo taken by Charisma Lico-Santos. (Photo from Instagram/Blythe)

Celebrities were wowed by actress Andrea Brillantes‘ pictures for her pre-debut photoshoot where she dressed as beauty goddess Venus as seen in the popular Renaissance painting.

The upcoming debutante on Sunday uploaded four pictures in anticipation of her 18th birthday on March 12 and said that the countdown towards her big day begins “now.”

Brillantes’ photoshoot was inspired by Italian painter Sandro Botticelli‘s famous masterpiece “The Birth of Venus” which depicts the Roman goddess of love and beauty arriving at the shore after her birth. She is described in mythology as being born “out of sea.”

In the painting, Venus is standing on a giant scallop shell while a young woman is about to cover her with a flowery mantle.

Meanwhile, Brillantes’ depiction of the goddess has earned more than 633,000 likes on the photo-sharing platform as of this writing.


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Some of the local celebrities who commented on her photos are Awra Briguela, Kim Molina, Ivana Alawi and Kira Balinger.

Sam Cruz, Sunshine Cruz’s daughter, also expressed her amazement.

The photos likewise caught the attention of 19-year-old British model William Franklyn-Miller.

Andrea Brillantes IG comments

Comments on Andrea Brillantes’ pre-debut photoshoot from her Instagram account @blythe. (Screengrab from Instagram by Interaksyon)

Brillantes’ photos were taken by commercial and fashion photographer Charisma Lico-Santos and shot at Shutterspace Studios. The set design was credited to Aren Dale Santos.

Her hair was styled by Mark Familara while her makeup was done by Marben Talanay.

The actress was styled by Eldzs Mejia while her gown was credited to Michael Leyva.