Why Janella Salvador fell in love with Regina character in ‘Darna’

August 17, 2022 - 1:23 PM
Janella Salvador_Darna mediacon
Janella Salvador in the "Darna Grand Mediacon" event by ABS-CBN on Aug. 8, 2022. (Twitter/ABSCBNpr)

Janella Salvador released on Twitter the script of the first scene of her character Regina following the premiere of ABS-CBN’s “Darna” series.

Janella stated that these lines made her fall in love with the character from the start.

“The first scene we worked on when they had me read for the role of Regina. How can I not fall in love with her character?” the actress tweeted.

“Hope you enjoyed tonight’s ep,” she added.

Regina is the lawyer-vlogger who will later transform into Darna’s arch-nemesis, Valentina.

In the first episode, it was shown that she was accidentally hit with a green stone while camping with her father.

In the script that Janella posted, Regina was sounding off her views on corruption.

A part of her script reads:

“Mayor, ano sa tingin mo? Tingnan mo paligid mo. Ask yourself. Masaya ka ba sa nangyayari sa siyudad mo? Sino ba ang pinaglulungkuran mo—Ang mga simpleng mamamayan na bumoto sa inyo? O ang mga kaibigan mo?”

Her tweet garnered 14,500 likes, 1,862 retweets and 468 quote-retweets on the micro-blogging platform.

Some viewers of the new superhero series described Regina as a “woke villain.”

The term “woke” in these comments is used as internet slang for a person who’s aware of social and political issues.

“We love a woke villain!” one Twitter user said.

“A woke villain. We’re gonna root for the bad girl this time,” another user tweeted.

Others also said that they might be rooting for the villain in this Darna remake.

“She really gonna make us root for her (crying emoji) and we’re all gonna be miserable in the end cos she’s the villain,” one Twitter user said.

Some of Janella’s fans, meanwhile, praised her for her performance in the show so far.

“I love your character. I love Regina. And on how you deliver her so well. The lines are so powerful. You deserve this. VALENTINA IS COMING,” one Twitter user said.

Janella also previously caught online buzz after she carried a snake during her red carpet entrance for the “Darna Grand Mediacon” on August 8.

The actress was dressed in an all-black suit—a black corset top, long gloves, skin-tight pants and heeled pants.

Photos and a video of Janella flaunting her red snake were posted by the Kapamilya network’s PR account.

“Janella Salvador glamorously walks and poses [on] the red carpet with a snake,” the tweet reads.

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The titular role, meanwhile, is played by Jane de Leon.

Other cast members that were introduced so far include Iza Calzado as Leonor Custodio, Narda’s mother and the first Darna; and Zaijan Jaranilla as Ricardo Custodio or Ding, Narda’s brother.

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Viewers can catch new episodes of “Darna” on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s online channels, TV5, A2Z and streaming site iWantTFC.