‘Get well’ messages pour in for Kris Aquino diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases

August 26, 2022 - 1:45 PM
Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino on this photo from her Instagram on Jan. 3, 2022. (Photo from Instagram/krisaquino)

Messages of well-wishes and thoughtful prayers poured in for showbiz personality Kris Aquino after she was newly diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases.

The elder sibling of the “Queen of All Media” bared in an interview that Kris is now battling at least four autoimmune conditions.

When she left for the United States to seek treatment last June, Ballsy Aquino said that Kris had two diagnosed autoimmune diseases.

“I think now there are four,” Ballsy said.

“She’s not even 90 pounds now, she’s like 85 or 86. For the other treatments that they want to try, she has to put on more weight. She has to get a little bit stronger,” she added.

Last May, Kris revealed that she has three autoimmune conditions, namely autoimmune thyroiditis, chronic spontaneous urticaria and Churg Strauss syndrome.

She added that her doctors have categorized her illnesses as “life-threatening.”

Meanwhile, Ballsy said that her sister and the latter’s medical team are “still trying to give her the right, correct treatment.”

“She has so many allergies that all the medicines they’ve been trying haven’t been working, or maybe they did, but then the side effects—they were not too happy about,” Ballsy said in the interview.

She added that even though there are times Kris appears to give up, the former actress would regain her will to fight whenever she looks at “pictures of her sons” or whenever she sees them.

Following Ballsy’s revelation, concerned Filipinos offered messages of well-wishes to the showbiz personality.

“Kris is not doing well,” economist Joey Ledesma tweeted on Thursday.

“Let’s continue to pray for her healing,” he added with a folded hands emoji.

“I will always root for Kris Aquino. Praying for her healing. It must be hard for a mother to be away from her children. She is fighting for the young Bimby and Josh who is [on] the spectrum. I am rooting for her. I know she has loads of strength. I pray they figure this out,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Get well soon, Ms. Kris. 4 is too much and make it less huhuhu, because when it [reaches] the five autoimmune diseases is extremely rare na huhuhu. Praying for your health,” a different Pinoy wrote with a folded hands emoji.

“Prayers up for our queen of talk,” another online user commented with similar emojis.

Kris has been undergoing various medical tests and treatments since 2018, when she first revealed she has an autoimmune disease.