Clara Benin’s 2nd major concert a tribute to fans, musical growth

September 22, 2023 - 1:20 PM
Clara Benin (OFFMUTE/Released)

Filipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin is set to enchant hundreds of concert-goers at the Music Museum in a matter of hours, serenading fans with her signature brand of sweet melodies.

A month after releasing her second album “befriending my tears”, the indie pop artist is set to stage her second major show alongside OPM icons ena mori, syd hartha and her very own father Joey Benin of Side A.

Clara Benin’s concert poster. (Sony Music Entertainment/Released)

“They inspire me, sina ena mori and syd hartha, [who] will be opening the show. They are two artists I really look up to and very happy to perform with,” Clara said in a press conference on September 15.

The young artist shared how she grew up in a house of music, taking from her father who shared his love for the craft and encouraged her to discover her own sound. To share the stage with him is a “fun and humbling experience,” she said.

“I always want to make sure that I get to perform with my dad. That is something that is very special for the both of us, something we bond. We always listen to music and jam at home. It’s such a cool experience that we get to do this on stage in front of a lot of people,” she added.

One day at a time

Seven years since her first concert, Clara expressed her gratitude to the fans who have stood by her since the beginning of her music career, saying she is “grateful that people still care” to join her in this milestone.

The journey was a long one, teeming with emotion from both struggles and triumphs throughout a decade-worth of music making. Clara’s latest album is a testament of each day she took to reach a point of self-acceptance amid challenges of discovering herself, her sound and her dreams.

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“Compared to now, I feel like I know so much more and that I’ve learned so much about production and recording. I’ve also met so many talented people along the way. … I think that made such a huge difference to my songs now compared to my first album,” she said.

For Clara, the most challenging song in “befriending my tears” is “momentary”. It is the longest track in the album, a moving story of finding color in life and gaining a new perspective on the significance of enduring despite all fear and pain.

“I had a hard time just trying to figure out how the arrangement would go, how the production and everything would go. So I ended up just stripping everything down. I think I wanted to add so many things to it, and I realized that sometimes less is more,” Clara said.

Excited to perform her nine-track album and a few fan-favorites, the Filipino artist is thrilled to hear the crowd’s voice singing along once again.

The nearly sold-out “befriending my tears, a Clara Benin concert” will take place at the Music Museum on Sept. 22, 2023. The concert is presented by CNCA Media Concepts INC., in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment.