Kathryn Bernardo responds to Dolly de Leon’s appreciation post: ‘Baka matulak kita’:

September 28, 2023 - 7:17 PM
Kathryn and Dolly
Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon in this photo posted on Star Cinema's Instagram on Aug. 20, 2023 (starcinema/Instagram)

Actress Kathryn Bernardo joked that she might have to “push” fellow actress Dolly de Leon as she responded to the latter’s heartfelt appreciation post for her.

The Golden Globes nominee on Sunday penned a letter after working with the award-winning actress in the dark comedy-revenge film “A Very Good Girl” which debuted in cinemas on Wednesday.

“My very good girl, we’re about to reach the finish line of this insane journey and the sepanx is slowly creeping in,” Dolly wrote on Instagram on September 24.

“Sepanx” is short for “separation anxiety.”

“Before our film hits the world, let me thank you for being there for me, always looking out for me, supporting me in my other projects (a little birdie told me about the block screening of Iti — ikaw talagaaaa), for being inclusive and making me feel comfortable in situations I’m not used to, for making me laugh and for just being your crazy little you,” Dolly added.

“Iti” refers to “Iti Mapupukaw,” a Filipino-Ilocano animated film in Cinemalaya 2023 which Dolly won an acting award.

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“Many things are good and great about our film, but you were the best ‘surprise!’ of them all. Thank you, Kath. Forever an honor. Forever on your side (alam mo ‘yan). Love you to the moon and back,” Dolly added in her IG post for Kathryn.


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Dolly’s post has amassed over 10,000 likes so far.

Kathryn immediately responded by throwing a joke in the comments.

“Ms. D! (face-holding-back-tears emoji) baka matulak kita [nang] mas malakas [niyan] … huhu, stop it,” she wrote.

Her comment has reached more than 1,000 likes.

“HAHAHAHAHA ‘yan, ‘yang mga ganyan mo HAHAHA,” Dolly responded with a disguised face emoji.

“Love u [you] so mucho…” Kathryn wrote in another comment with emojis of a face-holding-back-tears and a white heart.

“Mucho” translates to “a lot” or “much” in English.

Meanwhile, Kathryn in her first comment was referring to the viral moment when both participated in a lie detector game by an influencer site last Saturday.

Dolly is praising her co-star for her acting skills when the flattered younger actress playfully pushed her.

The moment was also shared by some Pinoys on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Dolly immediately assured her that it was a “joke.”

In another video, she clarified that Kathryn had only “tapped” her.

“Tinapik lang niya ako, nag-OA lang ako. Gumulong ako,” Dolly said to ABS-CBN News during the red carpet premiere of their movie.

The two are starring in Petersen Vargas‘ “A Very Good Girl” which has been described as a thrilling revenge film “with a lot of sass and class.”

Its synopsis reads:

After a heartless firing triggers a chain of unfortunate events, Philo (Kathryn Bernardo) plots a meticulous revenge against retail mogul Mother Molly (Dolly de Leon), aiming to dismantle her empire and seize the ultimate payback. This time, there is no mercy.

The movie also features Donna Cariaga, Chie Filomeno, Jake Ejercito, Ana Abad Santos, Gillian Vicencio, Kaori Oinuma, Nour Hooshmand, Althea Ruedas and Nathania Guerrero.

It also includes the special participation of Angel Aquino.