‘The eloquence’: Michelle Dee earns cheers as she answers Miss Universe final question

November 29, 2023 - 12:20 PM
Michelle Dee
Miss Universe 2023 Top 10 finalist Michelle Dee in this photo posted by the Miss Universe Philippines Organization on Nov. 27, 2023 (themissuniverseph/Instagram)

Miss Universe 2023 Top 10 finalist Michelle Dee was lauded for her eloquence when she attempted to answer the final question presented to the Top 3 candidates of the pageant before.

The Pinay beauty appeared in the Monday episode of GMA’s “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” where the talk show host gave her a chance to answer the final question presented to Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palacios, Thailand’s Anntonia Porsild and Australia’s Moraya Wilson.

The three of them were asked: “If you could live in one year, if you could live one year in another woman’s shoes, who would you choose and why?”

Tito Boy gave Michelle the chance to answer the question within 45 seconds. She answered in less than the given period, with nine more seconds to spare.

“If I could choose to live in any woman’s shoes, it would be Apo Whang-Od. She’s an amazing symbol of cultural preservation. She’s an amazing symbol of ageism,” she said.

“She has been defying boundaries, stereotypes, and that is something that I have tried to inspire everybody around me as well, which is to own your unique story, own your traditions, love where you came from, love who you’re with, who you’re surrounded with,” the beauty queen added.

“And truly, with that unique story, you can make your country proud. You can show the universe what your country has to offer. In my case, my love for my country can shake the whole universe as well,” Michelle said.

Whang-Od was the inspiration behind the black evening gown she wore on the coronation day, which was designed with intricate patterns that took after the tattoos done by the legendary “mambabatok.”

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Tito Boy expressed his amazement at her answer, while the Makati beauty admitted that she didn’t know he would ask that question.

Before answering, she also clarified that it was “just for fun” and that she was not trying to compete with anybody.

Her eloquence and answer impressed Filipinos, who found her response “smart and beautiful.”

“Ang galing talaga! she’ll slay the Q&A once given the opportunity!” a Facebook user commented with a heart emoji.

“Brilliant (sparkles emoji) Dee (The) Eloquence!” another user exclaimed.

“Wow! Dee (The) one true Miss Universe. Her articulate and heartfelt response truly resonated! She showcased exceptional clarity, empathy, and depth of understanding, making her answer stand out as a testament to the values upheld by Miss Universe,” a different Pinoy commented.

“Michelle Marquez Dee, ikaw ang tunay na Miss Universe sa puso naming mga Pilipino. Congratulations! We are truly proud of you,” the user added.

“Great [answer], wow. Brainy MMD, [we love] you indeed, anak,” another Facebook user said, using the general Filipino term for “my child.” Some elders also use it as a term of endearment for younger people.

Michelle ended her journey in Miss Universe 2023 as a Top 10 finalist, failing to advance to the Top 5 and the Top 3 where candidates were given the opportunity to show off their eloquence, quick thinking and intelligence through the question-and-answer segments.

Among those who were heartbroken at her exit was American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow, who initially felt she was “robbed.”

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The Philippine bet also admitted feeling disappointed, saying that she cried after hearing the Top 5 announcement which didn’t mention her country.

“Sayang lang, kasi I knew if nakahawak ako ng mic, I knew I would have given a smashing answer,” Michelle said before.

She previously revealed that she prepared for the pageant for a “whole year” to make sure her performance, particularly the question-and-answer portion, was smooth.

Some of these can be seen in the way the Makati beauty practiced the crucial segment with another guesting in the talk show last October and in the “Updated with Nelson Canlas” podcast last May.

Sheynnis won the 72nd Miss Universe, while Anntonia placed as first runner-up. Moraya placed as second runner-up.