Annabelle Rama intrigues Pinoys with ‘Barbie Doll,’ ‘Chucky’ references in cryptic post

June 6, 2024 - 4:42 PM
Annabelle Rama
Annabelle Rama at Nustar Resort Cebu in this photo posted on her Facebook account on Jan. 19, 2024 (annabelle.rama.90260/Facebook)

Talent manager Annabelle Rama sparked intrigued among social media users when she posted a cryptic status about a “Barbie doll” and a “Chucky” doll.

The outspoken matriarch of the Gutierrez family wrote the following on her personal Facebook account on Wednesday.

“Hoy!! ‘Yung walang magawa sa buhay, tumahimik na kayo.
Kasi si Annabelle Doll, hindi lalaban kay Barbie Doll —maganda, maputi at makinis. Ang gusto makalaban ni Annabelle Doll si Chucky. Alam [niyo] na kung sino ‘yun HAHAHA, happy [ka na]!?” 

Her post has earned 3,000 pure laughing reactions, 205 shares and 482 comments so far.

“Annabelle Doll” is a reference to the haunted doll which is among the villains of “The Conjuring” universe, an American horror film franchise.

Meanwhile, the “Chucky” doll is a reference to a doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer which is the main antagonist of the “Child’s Play” horror franchise.

On the other hand, the “Barbie Doll” refers to the glamorous fashion doll manufactured by Mattel. Some believe this is an allusion to actress Barbie Imperial who has been recently sighted with Annabelle’s son, actor Richard Gutierrez.

Online Filipinos expressed amusement at Annabelle’s frankness in the comments section, while others were sad at the matriarch’s attitude.

“So witty ni mommy,” a Facebook user wrote.

“At talaga namang gusto mo lumaki mga apo mo sa broken family, no. Yikes. Hahaha,” another user commented.

There were others who wondered about the identity of “Chucky” in her post.

Actor-host Chuckie Deyfrus was among those who reacted to the status.

“Sorry na po, Tita Annabelle,” he joked in the comments section with emojis of squinting face and a peace sign.

A Facebook user claimed that Annabelle left a comment to one of the Pinoys who speculated if the matriarch was referring to her estranged daughter-in-law, Sarah Lahbati.

“Si Sarah [ba ‘yun, ‘yung] munting prinsesa,” a Facebook user allegedly wrote. It is a reference to the Filipino film “Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa” based on the novel “A Little Princess.”

“Hindi, kasi hindi siya prinsesa. Pakawala siya,” Annabelle reportedly responded.

The matriarch’s post comes after some accounts brought up an old Instagram post of her daughter-in-law who shared pictures of her civil marriage with Richard in March 2020.

Barbie was among the Filipinos who allegedly commented on the post before.

“Omg!!! Congrats, ate Sarah! Best wishes,” she reportedly wrote with emojis of a smiling-face-with-hearts and a heart-eyed face.

“Thank you, Barbie,” Sarah allegedly responded with a hugging face emoji.

“Be careful who you consider as friend,” a Facebook account wrote on Wednesday.

Reports said it was in January 2024 when Richard and Barbie were first spotted publicly in a gastropub in Alabang.

They were later sighted in South Korea on May 26. The following day, online users speculated that the actor was behind the background of Barbie’s gym photo in an Instagram Story.

In April, Sarah was asked about her reaction to the rumored romance between Richard and Barbie.

“No reaction. NR,” she responded.

Sarah confirmed her split with Richard last March, adding that both of them were already “single.”

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