MMFF will not release box office figures this year

December 27, 2017 - 7:46 AM
Paulo Avelino and Rachel Alejandro in 'Ang Larawan.'

Which among the eight official entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival are lording it over the box office?

It looks like we’re not going to find out this year as the MMFF Executive Committee along with participating producers and theater representatives “have agreed not to release any actual figures and rankings so as not to create a bandwagon effect on the viewers.”

This was the gist of the festival’s statement as posted by MMFF spokesperson Noel Ferrer.

What Ferrer did reveal was that this year’s edition of the MMFF is a big hit with audiences.

”We are very happy to say that a large part of the Filipino audiences have gone back to the theaters again this Christmas and we have exceeded even the record 1st day box office gross of MMFF 2015,” the statement further revealed.

“We encourage everyone to support ALL the 8 entries because we are as strong as our weakest film…We are looking forward to more and more people watching ALL the MMFF entries until January 7.”

Contrasting fates: ‘Siargao’ and ‘Deadma Walking’ tout full house screenings’ while ‘Ang Larawan’ announces lost theatres as early as the second day of the festival.

Based on social media posts, seven of the eight entries have reported success in the box office with at least two, “Deadma Walking” and “Siargao,” posting screenshots of nearly full house screenings on their respective Facebook pages.

But one entry, the film adaptation of the acclaimed stage musical “Ang Larawan,” has reported that it was being pulled out of theaters as early as the second day of the festival and stood to lose more this Wednesday.

“Ang Larawan,” which boasts of high production values and has garnered superlative reviews, is expected to bounce back at the tills after the MMFF’s “Gabi ng Parangal” awards ceremony also this Wednesday where it is expected to win the lion’s share of the top awards.

Last year’s Best Picture winner, “Sunday Beauty Queen,” also did not fare well in the box office in its first few days but after winning awards gained more cinemas and played to mostly sold out screenings.