Why Nadine Lustre called out an entertainment editor for an article about her ‘breakup’

January 6, 2020 - 4:14 PM
Nadine Lustre
Nadine Lustre posing for a photo in Smart Araneta Coliseum. (Photo from her official Instagram account)

Actress Nadine Lustre called out an entertainment editor last weekend for writing an article about her supposed breakup with James Reid, which connected her mental health situation with the story.

She shared her opinions through Instagram Stories where she tagged the editor, Ricky Lo of The Philippine Star, with the following text: “First off, that was so low.”

“Second, none of what you said was true and it is never okay to use someone’s mental situation/tragic past just to prove a point. Mental illness is a very sensitive matter,” Lustre continued.

“(And) last, you think you know so much about me, you can’t even get my last name right. ANU NA, 2020 NA!!” her post added.

The actress pertained to Lo’s write-up which claimed that an entertainment report by PEP.ph, an online showbiz site, was “true, and not fake news.”

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Lo wrote that Lustre has already “packed up and left” her home with Reid in Quezon City and has “moved to a rented unit in a posh Makati condo.”

He added that she also “frowned” at Reid’s upcoming television series with Nancy McDonie of K-pop girl group MOMOLAND, although there were no verified reports mentioning she reacted that way.

Lo also wrote that Reid was “handling the breakup with care” to supposedly “cushion” its supposed impact to Lustre “who has admitted grappling with mental illness (he has a brother who committed suicide).”

The “he” was supposed to be Lustre herself, who previously admitted that she struggled with depression. The revelation came when she lost her younger brother in 2017.

Lustre has since then been vocal about championing mental health and has even launched a campaign that touches on its awareness, a fact that Lo appeared to miss.

In the end, he chided the actress by referencing her own words to critics in 2017. He wrote, “Come on, Nadine, it’s 2020. James is not the only ‘fish’ in the sea.”

The online version of his article has already been edited but Twitterverse was quick to defend Lustre and call out Lo for his errors.

The devil is in the details 

Many Twitter users cried foul after the write-up connected Lustre’s mental health situation with how she supposedly coped with the so-called split.

User @scottiify said that Lo, who is a longtime entertainment editor, should learn how to handle the words “mental illness” with care as it is an extremely sensitive topic.

“Ricky Lo just (crossed) the line. Mental illness is (a) very sensitive matter. You should handle that word with care. Nadine Lustre is serving you a very hot tea,” he wrote as he retweeted a post that featured the actress’ reply.

Even Filipinos who are not fans of the actress spoke up. For user @moxppnn, Lo had “insinuated” that Lustre was a “pathetic girl who runs after James Reid,” especially with the way he concluded the article.

“Ricky Lo, you are such a big disgrace to the field of journalism. Using depression as a way to insult someone? Ok, boomer,” the user wrote.

@moxppnn also noted that people “should not shame somebody who’s experiencing depression.”

“Whilst some people are trying to break the stigma, there’s Ricky Lo. Come on, Ricky, It’s 2020. Please AT LEAST try to participate in breaking the stigma instead of writing an ignominious article, ” the user added.

Celebrity photographer BJ Pascual also shared his support with Lustre and said that “a woman should never be defined by her relationships” alone since she is particularly more than that.

Even Sen. Risa Hontiveros, the legislator who pushed for the passage of a mental health bill in the upper house, called for sensitivity from the media following Lo’s controversial write-up.

“2020 na. Itigil na natin ang pag-trivialize sa mental health at lalung-lalo na sa suicide. I hope we can be more sensitive in talking about these things. Persons who wield influence, including those in media, have the responsibility to educate the public about this matter,” she tweeted.

Other Twitter users pointed out that Lo’s printed write-up could be considered a violation of the Mental Health Act or Republic Act 11036 which pushes for a discrimination-free society that does not stigmatize mental conditions.

There were other Filipinos who pointed out that Lo did not just stigmatize depression but has erroneously reported other information as well.

“Nadine Samonte, Jadineans, Revolution concert? Major details pero mali mali,” user @AnnskieJD observed.

In the printed version, a text near the headline referred to Lustre as “Nadine Samonte,” who is a married Kapuso actress.

Lo also called the fandom “Jadineans” but a Twitter user claimed that Reid has “always” called them “Jadines.”

The write-up also claimed that the actor publicly professed his love to Lustre in their rEVOLution concert in 2018 when it fact, it was during the JaDine in Love concert in 2016.

Last week, fans of the love team disproved a PEP.ph story claiming that Reid and Lustre have broken up by sharing pictures of the two during the holidays.

ABS-CBN entertainment reporter MJ Felipe also tweeted that the pair have hosted a New Year’s Eve party with their friends in Makati.