This ‘Seller Voucher’ feature helps shoppers find best deals on 12.12 sale day

December 11, 2021 - 1:55 PM
Artwork of an e-commerce website via Pixabay

An e-commerce market aggregator launched a new feature to help shoppers search for the best voucher deals during the coming Christmas 12.12 sale on December 12.

iPrice‘s new Seller Voucher feature via its platform collects or aggregates vouchers from different e-commerce websites for shoppers to find the best prices.

It can now be accessed via the platform’s websites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Similar to the previous Singles Day shopping festival on November 11, the one-day sale can also be overwhelming with many vouchers or coupons with varying terms and conditions to choose from.

Different platforms and brands will also offer many promos, deals and gimmicks to attract customers.

To help navigate through this complicated shopping day, the Seller Voucher feature would automatically sort the vouchers available for a selected product and would provide online shoppers clearly sorted list of the best prices available.

Steps on how to use iPrice’s Seller Voucher feature

This can be accessed through the following steps:

  1. Open the iPrice website.
  2. Search for a preferred product you wish to purchase during sale day.
  3. Select from suggested products as you type.
  4. Scroll to view sellers with Price after voucher applied.
  5. Select best offer by clicking Go to Store.
  6. Once directed to the merchant’s page, claim the appropriate voucher before purchase.

This feature can be used on iPrice’s massive product catalogue comprising more than seven billion offers from eight million sellers.

The marketing firm’s chief product officer Heinrich Wendel is hopeful that the company can help prevent shoppers from feeling cheated or frustrated with their purchases.

“With a mission to help shoppers save money, we created the Seller Voucher feature to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to quickly find the best price,” Wendel said.

“The new feature will simplify the online shoppers’ journey, helping them find the best bargain on 12.12 without feeling cheated or frustrated by endless options and information,” he added.

Another option called “Price Checker” is also still available on iPrice’s website.

This service lets shoppers be aware of the best prices and deals for a product that could maximize their savings.

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