Beauty bloggers call out university for using them as examples of ‘improper grooming’

January 17, 2019 - 6:24 PM
Bretman Rock and Manny MUA story
In this photo: Students of the Corazon C. Aquino Elementary School in Quezon City (The STAR/Michael Varcas)

Two international beauty bloggers took offense on the Facebook post of Leyte Normal University that used their photos as examples of “improper grooming for men.”

Bretman Rock Sacayanan or Bretman Rock and Manny Gutierrez or Manny MUA questioned the post on separate posts on Twitter. The post has already been deleted.

Bretman, who was born in Ilocos and raised in Hawaii, posted a screenshot of the deleted post on Twitter and questioned in jest how an outfit can affect the learning of students.

He also asked the reason for choosing that particular photo of him. He was wearing a tucked polo shirt that is partly unbuttoned to show off his chest.

The popular 20-year-old YouTube vlogger features makeup tutorials and funny moments with his sister and niece on his channel.

Manny expressed his disappointment that the photo of him wearing makeup is being set as a bad example to the youth.

“Yes they’re using me as an example of what NOT to do at school… a school having a problem with a man wearing makeup?” he said as a response to a user who tagged his name in another tweet.

Manny is a popular American makeup artist that owns his own cosmetic line called Lunar Beauty.

Bretman and Manny’s images were put under the “improper grooming for men” section.

Bretman and Manny’s fans, both Filipinos and foreigners, perceived that the school’s use of the photos are discriminating.

Meanwhile, some Filipinos pointed out that nearly all educational institutions in the Philippines follow the same the rules stated by LNU.

They also shared experiences related to the haircut policy wherein school administrators cut off their locks.

The university has yet to issue a statement regarding the post.