From one-minute to three: TikTok’s new video timeframe defies short attention span belief

April 30, 2021 - 11:13 AM
Three-minute TikTok videos
TikTok content creators @davaoconyo and @teamlyqa in their three-minute videos. (Screengrab by TikTok Philippines/Released)

A mobile video-sharing platform is defying the belief that young people have shorter attention spans.

TikTok rounded up four videos that run at a longer timeframe than the default one-minute period and have since become a hit among the online community.

This includes in-depth tutorials for subjects like Math and Science which could be helpful in distance learning and informative content from people in the medical field.

Some three-minute content is also in the form of experimentals and funny skits.

@teamlyqa#quickquiz #quickquizexplainer #learnwithlyqa #learnontiktok #tiktokskwela @lyqamaravilla♬ original sound – Team Lyqa

@dockilimanguruAll my Shingle Landies! Char! 🤣 #HealthTokPH #LearnOnTiktok #TikTokSkwela♬ original sound – Dr. Kilimanguru

@sokolov_artyomSometimes it’s better to find your own solution. My first 3 minute video in Tiktok, wait for the END. My new acc➡️: @sokolov_motivation♬ original sound – Sokolov Artyom

@davaoconyoMeeting ng mga Bashers at Chismosa #DavaoConyo #DiskarTech #AppNatinTo♬ original sound – DavaoConyo

The platform is known for letting content creators upload one-minute videos by default but it recently gave them the ability to share clips that are up to three-minutes long.

The app said this gave the users new opportunities to creatively express themselves.

“The longer duration gives creators more room to experiment with their content, and may even help them establish a deeper connection with their followers. These longer videos are proving to be ideal for content such as in-depth tutorials, skits, and videos with a large amount of information to share,” TikTok said in a release.

The platform became popular for letting users upload one-minute content that is short enough to keep viewers interested, ideal for young people who are reported to have shorter attention spans in today’s digital age.

These kinds of clips are also easily shareable and quick to make for content creators.

A 2019 study said that having shorter attention spans could be credited to the amount of information being presented to people.

It showed that people now have more things to focus on, but they often focus on things for short periods of time.